Current Phase: Phase 2


We are required to have very clear public health and safety plans in place to ensure we open in a responsible way. We will take steps to open services carefully to prevent creating an increase of new cases. Our reopening plans prioritizes safety while also taking into account the very pressing needs of our local economy and community. We will be connecting businesses and other organizations with resources and health guidelines to ensure a safe, timely, and efficient opening.


Phase 2

Phase 2 Guidance
State of Oregon Requirements Face covering required when visiting indoor public spaces, effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Review face covering and mask guidance.
Vulnerable Populations People who are at risk for severe complications (over age 65 or have underlying medical conditions) should continue to maintain 6 ft of physical distance, avoid social settings, and minimize non-essential travel.
Physical Distancing Guidance
Gathering Size Guidance Businesses
  • Indoor Gatherings: Limited to 50 People
  • Outdoor Gatherings: Limited to 100 People
  • Venues, Restaurants, Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment Facilities, Fitness Related Organizations have additional gathering size guidance.
  • Additional Gathering Guidance From OHA
Gathering Size Guidance Households
  • Indoor Gatherings: Limited to 10 People, effective Wednesday, July 15, 2020.
Travel Guidance Increased travel will be allowed throughout Oregon, though staying local is still recommended to prevent overloading county health systems.
Expanded Phase 2 Testing Recommendations

The Oregon Health Authority has revised its testing recommendations for those without symptoms. OHA recommends that testing of people without symptoms be limited to:

  • Close contacts of a person with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 or of a person determined by a public health authority to be a presumptive case
  • People exposed to COVID-19 in a congregate setting
  • Migrant/seasonal agricultural workers upon arrival in Oregon
  • People who identify as Black, African-American, Latino, Latina, Latinx, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Asian-American or Pacific Islander
  • People who identify as having a disability
  • People whose first language is not English


Phased Reopening in Oregon

Phase 1

When a county is approved to enter “Phase I”, they can begin the limited reopening of the business sectors under specific safety guidelines. Review Benton County Business Guidance.

Phase 3

Mass gatherings such as major concerts or sporting events with live audiences will require a reliable treatment or vaccine to be available.