Professional Services

Phase 1: Professional Services (clinics, dentists, optometrists, etc.)

Physical Distancing Maintain 6ft Distancing (placing signs and markers recommended)
Prevention Practices
  • Frequent use and positioning of hand sanitizer and washing hands
  • Recommend the use of cloth face masks by all individuals if social distancing cannot be done
  • Frequent cleaning of commonly touched surfaces
  • Limit elective procedures to appointment only
  • Consider a questionnaire about risk and COVID-19 exposure and symptoms
  • Medical professionals will need to have medical grade PPE as available and utilize this PPE as outlined by CDC, OHA, and local policy/procedures.
Monitoring for Symptoms
  • Twice daily temperature checks for employees
  • Encourage employees to self-monitor for influenza-like illnesses (ILI) AND COVID-like signs and symptoms. No contact tracing is required unless a COVID + case occurs


Related sector-specific Guidance from Oregon Health Authority