Volunteering with Vaccine Distribution Efforts

Updated 02/22/2021






  • Clinical Volunteers
    • ​We are asking our clinically licensed volunteers to sign up through https://serv-or.org/
      • ​When enrolling, please sign up through the State Managed Volunteer Pool
      • We will receive your information from the state


  • All Volunteers
    • If you are signed up to volunteer at a vaccination clinic and are unable to attend due to illness,
      weather, or other circumstances:
      • Day of the event: please contact us at 541-766-6464
      • Before the event: please remove yourself from the SignUpGenius registration
    • Those without email access can call the COVID-19 phone bank at 541-766-6120 to volunteer.
    • Please do not self-deploy to any vaccine events. Benton County will contact you with
      requests for assistance and instructions on deploying


Volunteer Positions


(**M) – Medical ONLY: Must be signed up through SERV-OR https://serv-or.org/ at least 3 days prior to when you plan to volunteer **Please Do Not Self-Deploy to Any Vaccine Events Unless you Have Been Contacted by Benton County** 

Clinic Volunteer Positions
Position Description
Vaccinators (**M) Responsible for safe vaccination of the client. Must be trained in the safe use of vaccination procedures.
Medical Monitoring Team (**M)

This team of medical professionals will be responsible for monitoring the area in which people will be waiting their "15 minutes" post vaccine. This team will be equipped with epinephrine, oxygen, and a medical bag.

Language Services

To provide interpretation services to assist clients with limited English proficiency in understanding forms, health education materials and site procedures.

Greeter/Temp Checks

Welcome clients, provide information and direction, check temperatures and provide masks and other functional services as needed.

Safety & Sanitation Officer 

This person will be responsible for spraying down chairs (after people leave the monitoring section), wiping down door handles, to ensure COVID-19 compliance.


Distributes and then organizes necessary registration forms, health education materials and interpretation forms. 

Registration Line Management Distributes necessary forms, health education materials and interpretation forms, gives guidance on next steps in the process. 
Vaccine Flagger

This person will be responsible for assigning community members to a vaccination station.

Runners/Float Staff

Provides support for non-medical needs, and fills in to non-medical volunteer positions when asked.

Traffic Controller

To control and monitor the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic outside of the clinic operations.

Parking Lot Wayfarer

Gives guidance at the entrance of Parking Lot and Clinic to incoming clients on direction and client flow into and out of the Parking Lot and Clinic.

Volunteer Hospitality

Supplies and stocks the volunteer break area, manages sign-in and sign-out of volunteers, and gives general guidance on placement of volunteers.

Golf Cart Driver

Helps clients navigate transportation from the parking lot to the vaccine clinic entrance, and back to the parking lot. *Must be registered through OSU to drive the vehicle.

*Golf Cart Drivers must register through https://transportation.oregonstate.edu/motorpool/driver-authorization-form. Volunteers must plan to have your form turned into OSU 3 days PRIOR to when you plan to volunteer.

Click the images at the bottom of this page for important information that MUST be added to the required form.


Key Information for Volunteers

Volunteers should note the following information as they prepare for their upcoming shift:

  • All volunteers should park in the Reser Stadium parking lot off of Western and 26th.  Please park in the area behind the stadium and not in the vaccine patient parking area.
  • Enter through Gate C of Reser stadium and report to Volunteer Hospitality on the 3rd floor.
    • You will receive a temperature screening, sign in, and receive a brief orientation/safety briefing.
  • Please bring enough food and water for your shift. Note: there will not be access to a refrigerator or microwave.
  • Volunteers will have access to:
    • Restrooms
    • Designated break space
    • Light snacks
    • Various supplies to complete their duties
  • Remember to dress for the weather. While volunteers will be largely protected from the rain, the clinic site is open air and temperatures will be similar to those outside of Reser Stadium.
  • Please bring an appropriate face mask.
  • Remember that you will be asked to stay six (6) feet apart from others.
  • You will be required to adhere to all COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
  • If you are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms of illness, please stay home.
    • Contact the volunteer coordinator to let them know you will not be coming.
  • All volunteers will receive "Just in Time Training" before they start their shift.


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