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John Haroldson





John M. Haroldson was elected Benton County District Attorney in November 2008, following his appointment in February 2007 by Governor Ted Kulongoski. Prior to his appointment, he served as Benton County's Chief Deputy District Attorney, a position he held since 2002. Haroldson began his prosecution career in 1988 as an intern-prosecutor for the City of Albany and later as a Linn County Deputy District Attorney. Read More....





Vision Statement
We will make Benton County a safe and just place to live and work.

Mission Statement
By fairly, effectively and efficiently enforcing the law we will:

  • Protect the public from crime
  • Safeguard children from abuse and neglect
  • Enforce the right of children and families to receive child support
  • Assist and advise crime victims; and
  • Foster respect for the rule of law

District Attorney's Office Core Values

Integrity is the bedrock upon which all our actions must be anchored. We will respect and obey the law and the lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility. We will be honest with ourselves, our colleagues, and the public. We will act with honor.

We respect the right of all people to fair and equitable treatment under the law. We will enforce that right.

Public Service
We serve the people. We will do so efficiently and courteously.

We are a team. We will support and encourage each other as we work toward the accomplishment of our mission and the achievement of our vision.

Continuous Improvement
We will seek to continuously improve the fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness of our office and the justice system we serve.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.