Victim Assistance Program

Know Your Rights & Enforce Them!

Under the Crime Victims Bill of Rights, you have certain legal rights as a victim of a crime. You have the right:

  • to know who is contacting you in regard to your case;
  • to refuse to consent to an interview by defendant or defendant's agents;
  • to a court hearing if you are harassed or bothered by the defendant;
  • to be informed of changes in court dates and hearings;
  • to be in the courtroom during all hearings and the trial of your case;
  • to be consulted regarding plea negotiations in cases of violent felonies;
  • to appear personally and express your views at sentencing;
  • to request restitution for your injuries suffered;
  • to request information regarding defendants criminal history;
  • to request and provide the Parole Board with an address to be notified if the defendant is appearing before the Parole Board;
  • to be notified, at your request, before the defendant is released from prison;
  • to a copy of the court transcript or tape of all criminal proceedings heard on the record, the Court may charge for the actual cost to produce the transcript.


Crime Victims Bill of Rights– Oregon Constitution, Article 1, Sections 42-44

The Benton County District Attorney's Office has both volunteer and practicum opportunities with the Victim Assistance Program. For more information see the Volunteer Opportunities page.

More information on Oregon Victims Assistance can be found by visiting the Crime Victims Services Division.

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