Willamette Criminal Justice Council – Membership List

From the WCJC Bylaws:

The governing body of the Council purposely includes criminal justice system practitioners as well as lay members who are not closely involved in the day-to-day operations of a criminal justice agency. Through this mix, it is believed that the purposes of the Council will be achieved on both:

Internal Issues: fair, efficient, effective and coordinated criminal justice services in Benton County, and
External Issues: long-range planning for the delivery of criminal justice services in Benton County.

WCJC Members

Member Name
(alphabetically by last name)

WCJC Positions (39 total)
Vacant Adair Village: Citizen Representative
Vacant Adair Village City Councilor
Vacant ASOSU Representative
Vacant Representative of Crime Victims
Vacant Child Welfare Manager: DHS
Vacant Community Rep. for Crime Victims
Vacant Philomath Citizen Rep
Augerot, Xan- Lay Committee Chair Benton County: BOC
Brown, Bernie Albany Citizen Representative
Brown, Dannielle Benton County Health Dept. Admin Rep.
Carley, Justin Benton Co. Director of Community Corrections
Causey, Ruth Philomath City Councilor
Currier, Bill Adair Village: Mayor/City Manager Rep.
Demarest, Joan Benton County Circuit Court Judge
Dixon, Jay Benton County: Citizen Rep.
Fleirl, Craig Oregon State Police @ OSU
Flinn, Mike Public Defender/Defense Attorney
Goodwin, Joel 911 Director
Harder, Melissa School District Representative
Harnden, Marcia Albany Police Chief
Haroldson, John - Chair  Benton County: District Attorney
Harris, Angel Minority Community Representative
Hein, Richard - Treasurer Governor's Citizen Representative
Hurley, Nick Corvallis Police Chief
Jackson, Scott Benton County: Sheriff
Johnson, Bessie Albany: City Councilor
Konopa, Sharon Albany: Mayor/City Councilor Representative
Lewis, Jeff Oregon State Police Representative
Lytle, Hyatt Corvallis City Councilor
McDaniel, Jon Michael OSU: Department of Public Safety
Millie, Carol OSU Citizen Rep
Niemann, Eric Philomath Mayor/City Manager
Odenthal, Paul OSU Senior Admin.
Rueben, Ken- Chair-Elect Philomath Police Chief
Shepard, Mark Corvallis City Manager
Wershow, Stewart Corvallis: Citizen Representative
Westfall, Chris Trial Court Administrator
Wetherell, Matt Benton County Juvenile Director
Williams, Tara                                         Oregon Youth Authority