Willamette Criminal Justice Council – Restorative Justice And DUII Victim Impact Panel

Welcome to the Willamette Criminal Justice Council (WCJC) DUII Victim Impact Panel (VIP) of Benton County. This site has been developed to answer your questions. If you have been ordered to attend the Victim Impact Panel, please be sure to read this page along with the information below for details on how to attend.

Commitment to Promoting Community Safety!

The Restorative Justice task force is committed to promoting community safety by finding what works in reducing offender recidivism and implementing programs in Benton County. Restorative Justice is concerned with the relationship between offender, victim, and community. The focus is on the harm done to others by crime and to ensure that the harm is repaired. We believe justice is best served when the victim, community, and offender are viewed as equal parties who receive fair and balanced attention.

What is Restorative Justice?

The Task Force has defined Restorative Justice in Benton County as a process that restores balance, elevates the status of victims, enhances the accountability of offenders and increases the level of participation by the community in the criminal justice system.

What's Their Mission?

To encourage and develop responses to crime in Benton County that:

  • Provide victims with opportunities to have their needs identified and included in any plan of repair,
  • Hold offenders accountable in ways that 0create potential for their reintegration into the community, and
  • Actively involve the community in the design and implementation of justice.

Who's on the RJ Taskforce?

The Task Force on Restorative Justice includes members from the District Attorney's Office, the Courts, the Juvenile Department, Corrections, Parole and Probation, and lay members. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved.

Contact Jodi Robin at: jodi.robin@co.benton.or.us to find out more.