Disposal Site Advisory Committee

Disposal Site Advisory Committee

The DSAC meets quarterly and will reconvene again on January 19th, 2022.

The Disposal Site Advisory Committee (DSAC) assists the Benton County Board of Commissioners in the planning and implementation of disposal site management, including the following: 1) review with the permittee the regional disposal site's siting, operation, closure, and long-range monitoring of the site; 2) provide a forum for citizen comments, questions and concerns about the regional disposal site and promote a dialog between the community and the owner or operator of the site; and 3) prepare an annual written report summarizing the local citizens' concerns and the manner in which the owner or operator is addressing those concerns.

This committee meets quarterly, and works in conjunction with the Solid Waste Advisory Committee

For information about current membership vacancies and/or for a membership application, please call the Board's office at 541-766-6800.

John Simpkins III, Chair Begin 01.01.21   Expire 12.31.21
Linda Brewer, Vice Chair Begin 01.01.21    Expire 12.31.21
Larry Sleeman Begin 01.01.21    Expire 12.31.21
Deborah Gile Begin 01.01.19    Expire 12.31.21
John Deuel Begin 01.01.19    Expire 12.31.21
Fred Penning Begin 01.01.19    Expire 12.31.23
John McEvoy Begin 01.01.19    Expire 12.31.23