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NOTE: The EIAC was disbanded in 2020, and the Environment and Natural Resources Advisory Committee (ENRAC) was formed in 2021 to address similar topics and issues. The following is the original content and resources from EIAC.


The Environment and Natural Resources Advisory Committee assist the Benton County Board of Commissioners and shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Assist the Board of Commissioners and County staff with the implementation of the Environmental Issues Ad Hoc Task Force recommendations.
  • Advise the Board of Commissioners on specific environmental impact situations by utilizing Committee expertise and perspective and by bringing together appropriate outside resources.
  • Provide a periodic forum for community comment on environmental issues.
  • Receive technical input from experts in various environmental fields and receive information on legislative and regulatory changes that apply to environmental areas.



The Committee is comprised of 11 members, each with a 3 year term, January 1 - December 31, and 4 staff support. 

Staff Support
Laurie Starha, Natural Areas and Parks Director
Greg Verret, Community Development Director
Bill Emminger, Environmental Health Manager
Kathy Goss, Recorder

Public Works Contact

You may submit comments, questions or a request by clicking here, Public Works Online Request Form or call:

Laurie Starha, Natural Areas and Parks Director


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