List of Special Districts

Special Districts Who Serve You in Benton County

If you are a registered voter in any of these districts and interested in serving as an elected member of their board, you can contact the district’s office or the Benton County Elections Office for more information. Forms needed to file as a candidate can be obtained in the Forms Section of this website under Special Districts Filing.

Education Service District

Linn-Benton-Lincoln Education Service

Community College Districts

Lane Community College
Linn-Benton Community College

School Districts

Alsea School 7J
Central School 13J
Corvallis School 509J
Greater Albany Public School 8J
Harrisburg School 7
Monroe School 1J
Philomath School 17J

Rural Fire Protection Districts

Adair Rural Fire Protection
Alsea Rural Fire Protection 
Blodgett-Summit Rural Fire Protection
Corvallis Rural Fire Protection 
Hoskins-Kings Valley Rural Fire Protection
Monroe Rural Fire Protection 
North Albany Rural Fire Protection
Palestine Rural Fire Protection 
Philomath Fire and Rescue

Park & Recreation District

Vineyard Mountain Park and Recreation

Water Control Districts

Dumbeck Lane Domestic Water Supply
Hidden Valley Water Supply Service
Junction City Water Control

Cemetery District

Alsea Cemetery

Soil & Water Conservation District

Benton Soil and Water Conservation    

Road Districts

Asahr-Pilkington Special Road
Brownly-Marshall Road
Chinook Road
Country Estates Road
Hidden Valley Special Road
Marys River Estates Road
McDonald Forest Estates Road 
North F Street Road
Oakwood Heights Road
Ridgewood Road
Rosewood Estates Road
Vineyard Mountain Road
Westwood Hills Road