November 7, 2023 Special Election Information and Dates

Please note that only City of Corvallis voters will be voting in this election.

Dates you might like to know:

Sep 22, 2023 Fri Military and out of country ballots mailed
Oct 9, 2023 Mon Out of State ballots mailed
Oct 17, 2023 Tue Last day to register to vote
Oct 18, 2023 Wed Local ballots mailed
Nov 2, 2023 Thu Last day for Election Official to mail ballots
Nov 3, 2023 Fri Voters needing a replacement ballot must make arrangements for pickup at Benton County Elections Office.
Nov 7, 2023 Tue Election Day - 8:00 PM deadline to return ballots using an Official Ballot Drop Box anywhere in the state of Oregon or by USPS mail. Please note: Ballots returned via USPS must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received by the Elections Office by the 7th day after the election

Election results release plan:

Nov 7, 2023 Tue ASAP after 8:00 PM Initial unofficial election night results
Nov 7, 2023 Tue Approximately 11:00 PM Update unofficial election night results
Nov 20, 2023 Wed By 5:00 PM Update unofficial election results after postmark ballot return deadline
Nov 30, 2023 Thu By 5:00 PM Final election results after ballot challenge resolution deadline
Dec 4, 2023 Thu Before 5:00 PM Last day to prepare and deliver certified official final election result abstracts

Vote Tabulation System Certification:

Pre-Election Certification Oct 31, 2023 Tue 10:00 AM
Election Certification Nov 6, 2023 Mon 8:30 AM
Post-Election Certification Dec 5, 2023 Thur 8:30 AM

Follow the Voting Instructions to complete your ballot.
Ballots may be returned by:

Dropping it off at any County Elections Office or official ballot dropsite in the State of Oregon.
Bringing it to the County Elections Office to vote in-person.
Mailing the ballot. If returning ballot by mail:
(A) The ballot must be received at the office of the county clerk not later than 8:00 PM PST Election Day; or
(B) The ballot must: (i) Have a postal indicator showing that the ballot was mailed not later than the date of the election; and (ii) Be received at the office of the county clerk not later than seven calendar days after the date of the election. (HB 3291 Effective 1/1/2022)

Check your ballot status and voter registration status at:
Or contact Benton County Elections & Passports
By Phone: 541-766-6756 or E-mail: