Environment & Natural Resources Advisory Committee

The Environment and Natural Resources Advisory Committee (ENRAC) will research topics and provide input to the Board of Commissioners and County departments in areas related to Benton County’s 2040 Vision Statement on Environment & Natural Resources: “Benton County commits to protect, conserve and enhance our treasured, limited natural resources and prepare for future environmental challenges.” Additionally, ENRAC will collaborate with other committees and programs that relate to, but extend outside of, the Environment & Natural Resources vision statement, such as outdoor recreation, wildland-urban interface, and similar topic areas. 

ENRAC was formed in January 2021 and will address many of the issues that the County’s Environmental Issues Advisory Committee (EIAC) addressed in the past. As the Committee is new, an annual plan and relevant resources are currently being developed. Please continue to visit this site as ENRAC pursues and implements future endeavors.