Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Attachments
2017 Overlays
2023 Citizens' Academy
Advisory Boards / Commissions / Committees Application
Alarm Permit
Alternate Materials/Methods
Appeal to Magistrate
Application for Benton County Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees
Application for Reassessment of Destroyed or Damaged Property ORS 308.146(6)
Application for Reduction of Maximum Assessed Value of Demolished or Removed Buildings (ORS 308.146(8)
Application for Square Footage Error Correction
Application for Suppressed Owner
Apply for an AWPP Grant!
Asistencia Para Los Electorales Que Hablan Español
Authorization to Represent Petitioner
Auxiliary Team
Avery Complex Addition
Behavioral Health Division
Benton County Initiative Petition
Benton County TSP Interested Parties List
Benton Peer Support Request or Resource
Birth and Death Certificates
Board of Property Tax Appeals Forms
BoPTA Appeal Forms
Business Personal Property
Children and Family Program
Citizen's Comment Form
Citizens' Academy Interest Form
Client Registration Packet – English
Client Registration Packet – Spanish
Community Health Centers Board of Directors Member Application
Concealed Handgun License
Construction Site Runoff (Control Measure 4)
Contact Benton County Assessment Office
Contact HOPE Advisory
Contact Us
Contact Us
Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Project Contact Form
District Attorney's Office – Forms
Dog License Application Forms
Exclusive Farm-Use Zone
Exemptions and Deferrals
Farmland Forms
Fire Access/Water Supply Worksheet
Firewood Program
Floodplain Information
Food Establishment Licenses
Forestland Forms
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