Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Attachments
Farmland Forms
Fire Access/Water Supply Worksheet
Firewood Program
Floodplain Information
Food Establishment Licenses
Forestland Forms
Form Instructions
Health Services – Adult Mental Health
Health Services – Oregon Medical Health Database
Historic Resources Committee Application
Inspection Reports
Land Use Forms & Fees
Magistrate Appeal Form
Mailing Address Change Form
Manufactured Dwelling Forms
Manufactured Dwelling Placement Permit
Marriage License Application Worksheet
Mechanical Permit Application
Natural Areas & Parks Department - Picnic Reservations Fees
Nominations sought for county environmental awards
Non-Exclusive Farm Use Application
Other Appeal Forms
Other Property Tax Forms
Personal Property Appeal Petition
Personal Property Petition
Personal Property Tax Forms
Petition to Assessor for Waiver of Late Filing Penalty (Available to first-time filers in Oregon only)
Planning Commission Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Presentation Request Form
Proration of Property Taxes Due to Property Damage/Destruction by Fire or Act of God
Public Health – Disease Reporting for Providers
Public Works Online Request Form
Real Property Appeal Petition
Real Property Petition
Real Property Tax Return
Recording Coversheet
Register, Update, Cancel and Absentee
Release of Information - English
Release of Information - Spanish
Request for Change of Ownership by Way of an Unrecorded Document
Request for Disqualification from Special Assessment
Request to Combine Property Accounts
Reserve Deputy Program
RFQ - Benton County Health Center Renovation
Ride Along Program
Road Approach Permit
Sales Questionnaire
Sample Site Map & Checklist