Corvallis Housing First: Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week - Lynsey

For Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, we are sharing a recipe from Lynsey, a resident living in an apartment owned by Corvallis Housing First.

Lynsey has long had a deep appreciation for fresh food, and how a good meal can bring people together. Even when she was living in her car, she would cook on a propane stove for herself and others living outside. By working on friends’ farms, she was able to get some fresh food. Even so, it was difficult to keep things fresh for long in her car.

Says Lynsey, “When you are homeless, making a meal is just a chore. When you have a home, cooking is like a prayer.”

She sees cooking as a way to give thanks to the land, and to the people around her. For Lynsey, making the Three Sisters Soup is a way to honor herself and her Cherokee and Mohawk ancestry. The term “Three Sisters” refers to the three main crops of some North American tribes: maize (corn), squash, and beans. In the small garden space next to her apartment, She started growing her own corn, among her other favorite vegetables.

“Having a garden has been really fun. It’s a good feeling to grow my own food.”


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