HOPE Community Engagement

The Home, Opportunity, Planning, and Equity (HOPE) Board is a joint advisory board to the City of Corvallis and Benton County. This is the Community Engagement Page for the HOPE Advisory Board. Click here to return to the HOPE Main Page.

Update on Community Feedback

Survey responses for the first four priority topics closed on 1/1/2021. Public feedback from surveys and community listening sessions will be reviewed by the HOPE Board in January 2021 and presented at the January HOPE Board meeting on 1/27/21. Upcoming meeting information is listed on the main HOPE webpage. Public feedback on the first four priority topics will be posted to this webpage in February 2021.

HOPE Priority Topic Areas

  • Keep at the forefront diversity, equity, and inclusion recognizing identified disparities in our community data.
  • HOPE Bylaws value: safety, vulnerable populations, and racial and ethnic justice.

 1. Strengthen Crisis Response Resources: Align Services – Operational Changes for Improved Care Coordination.

  • Coordination between existing providers with street outreach and Hub Model of care coordination. Increased case managers to support this care coordination from entry, transition, and permanent case management support to remain in housing.
    • Follow up case management and rental assistance to stay housed in whatever environment works for the individual.
  • Hub model of care coordination.
  • Data tracking coordinated between providers. Data collection coordinated between providers from entry, to transition, to permanent options.

2. Strengthen Crisis Response Resources: Location – Safe place to be 24/7 for all populations without housing that respects and addresses the needs of each individual.

3. Transitional Options for Safety, Health, and Stability

  • Current providers are COI, Corvallis Housing First, Jackson Street Youth Services, and SafePlace.
  • Additional examples include microshelters/conestoga huts, managed camping, RV and car camping in locations that are safe, sanitary, stable, and provide services for health.

4. Permanent Supportive Housing Units

  • Definition: affordable, community-based housing for individuals and families who have experienced long-term or chronic homelessness and have been diagnosed as having a physical or developmental disability, a severe mental illness, substance abuse problems or HIV/AIDS; or are members of another designated group within the homeless population.
  • Structures may include apartments, single-family houses, duplexes, group homes or single-room occupancy housing.
  • Supportive services vary, most programs offer case management and housing support, but may also offer more intensive mental health, substance abuse, vocational, employment or other services which help promote independent living. Supportive services may be offered on-site or off-site, or be provided by a mobile service team. (LA County Taxonomy)

Community Organizations Being Engaged

List of Benton County Community Organizations being engaged in providing feedback to the HOPE Advisory Board.