Public Health - Preparedness Program

The Public Health Preparedness program provides advanced planning for health consequences for all health disasters.

Preparedness Planning

Are you and your family ready for a disaster? A disaster can happen at any moment and being prepared will help you and your community out. Find ways to help prepared you and your family, and spread the word to your neighbors. The following are information and training sites to help you be prepared for any disaster no matter the size or scale.

Yourself and Community
Red Cross
Map your neighborhood
Flu Near You


Benton County Emergency Management CERT


Emergency Information:
City of Corvallis
NOAA - National Weather Service Forecast Office 
Benton County Emergency Management


Other Resources:
Benton County Environmental Health
Oregon Health Authority (Health Security Preparedness and Response)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Emergency preparedness and response - natural disasters and severe weather