Sewage Disposal

The on-site sewage disposal program is designed to provide sewage treatment and disposal for homes and businesses not served by a community sewer system. The purpose of the program is to protect ground and surface water from sewage contamination and to protect the health of the population by properly treating and disposing of human waste.

Septic Sewage Permits

Septic Sewage Permits

To apply for a septic sewage permit in Benton County, download and complete the on-site Septic Application (PDF). We also have a list of Local Licensed Installers (PDF) and DEQ Approved Licensed Installers who have provided us with their contact information. Please note, we do not recommend or endorse anyone on the list.

New Septic Sewage System

Obtain Site Approval and an Installation Permit for New Lot Developments

Site Approval – Before you can begin building your home, an approved area for both an initial and a replacement septic system will need to be identified on your parcel. The site approval will detail the type of system required for your parcel, its location, known setbacks to the system, and requirements that you will have to meet before a permit can be issued to install the system.

When you fill out your on-site sewage disposal system application packet, make sure that you fill out all information required for a site feasibility study. An incomplete application will delay the process.

Line Up an Installer – If you haven't done so already, we recommend that you secure the services of a licensed septic system installer. The sooner you start working with the installer, the better. Your plans may be delayed if you wait until the last minute. A list of local licensed installers and consultants is included with the application packet.

Installation Permit – When you are ready to begin installation of the system, you must first apply for an installation permit. You'll need to use an additional application packet. The installation permit must be issued prior to beginning construction of the system. The permit is specific for your parcel and your building proposal.

Certificate of Satisfactory Completion – This certificate will be issued only after all of the permit requirements have been met. This is your OK to start using your system.

Process Check List

  • Site feasibility application packet obtained
  • Installer lined up
  • Site feasibility application completed and returned to Benton County Development Department
  • Test holes dug
  • Environmental Health notified that test holes are ready
  • In winter months, appointment made with Environmental Health to look at test holes
  • Site approval issued by Environmental Health
  • Permit application packet obtained
  • Permit application completed and returned
  • Installation permit issued by Environmental Health
  • Installer's packet given to installer
  • System installed
  • Pre-cover inspection by Environmental Health completed
  • System covered and soil graded
  • Certificate of satisfactory completion issued by Environmental Health office

   You may now flush the toilet.

For additional questions regarding your on-site sewage disposal system, call Benton County Environmental Health at 541-766-6841.