Tobacco Retail License Program

The Oregon state legislature passed a law in 2021 requiring all tobacco retailers to hold a Tobacco Retail License. Corvallis has had a tobacco retail license requirement at the local level since 1997, with Benton County and Philomath adopting tobacco retail license requirements soon after. In order to retain the local governance of the law, all jurisdictions within the county – including Adair Village, Corvallis, Monroe, Philomath, and unincorporated areas of Benton County – are now coming under a singular tobacco retail license program run by Benton County Health Department.

Any business that wants to be authorized to sell tobacco, vaping, and nicotine products in Benton County is required to get a tobacco retail license from the County Health Department. The licensing requirement is imposed on all retailers, including but not limited to:

  • convenience stores,
  • bars,
  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • gas stations, and
  • music venues.

Tobacco retail licensing allows the County to track where tobacco is being sold and ensure that retailers comply with federal, state, and local laws regulating the sale of tobacco, vaping, and nicotine products. This helps reduce youth access to tobacco in our community and makes stores healthier places for everyone to shop.