Position Classification and Compensation


Total compensation is a combination of salary and benefits.

Compensation Philosophy - Benton County’s Total Compensation Philosophy is to attract, motivate, and retain quality employees who support the County’s mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective public services. We believe in a fair, transparent, performance-based approach to compensation. Our goal is to compete in comparable markets for high performing employees and recognize that public service has rewards beyond a base salary. We strive to provide employees with competitive compensation, benefits, and retirement programs that are fiscally responsible, sustainable, and reflect current market practices. Our employees enjoy a superior work culture, career development, growth opportunities, and the satisfaction of serving the public.

Below are the salary schedules for Benton County positions providing the salary information for represented and non-represented.

Minimum Salary:  Represents the lowest amount a new employee would earn while learning the job.

Midpoint Salary:  Represents the targeted level of pay for a competent, seasoned performer.

Maximum Salary:  Represents the highest amount a highly experienced employee who consistently exceeds job requirements would earn.

Position Classification

The purpose of the classification system is to provide a structure that groups related position into a common classification and establishes a consistent and uniform system for classifying positions.  The focus of the county's classification system is decision based and evaluates jobs according to job duties, decision-making requirements, responsibilities, impacts, working conditions, etc. of each position.

The classification system is intended to provide consistent entry qualifications and a structure for equitable compensation of similar work.

Occupational Groups

The county has divided jobs in to 8 major occupational groups.

  • Management & Executive
  • Clerical & Administrative
  • Legal
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Clinical Health
  • Technical
  • Information Technology
  • Programming
  • Business & Financial
Classification Series and Classifications

The 8 major occupational groups are broken down to 20 classification series and 65 individual classifications.

Classifications series

Classification, Working Title, Representation, Pay Grade for Sheriff's Office Deputies below.

Job Family Working Title Representation Pay Grade
Animal Control Deputy Animal Control Program Manager BCDSA 120d
Deputy A (DPSST Basic Certification) Corrections Deputy BCDSA 160d
  Patrol Deputy BCDSA 160d
  Parole & Probation Officer BCDSA 160d
Deputy B (DPSST Intermidate Certification) Corrections Deputy BCDSA 165d
  Patrol Deputy BCDSA 165d
  Parole & Probation Officer BCDSA 165d
Deputy C (DPSST Advanced Certification) Corrections Deputy BCDSA 170d
  Law Enforcement Deputy BCDSA 170d
  Parole & Probation Officer BCDSA 170d
Corporal C Deputy Corporal BCDSA 190d
Sergeant Training & Recruitment Sergeant Non-represented C45
  Corrections Sergeant Non-represented C45
  Law Enforcement Sergeant Non-represented C45
  Parole & Probation Sergeant Non-represented C45
Lieutenant Corrections Lieutenant Non-represented D62
Captain Law Enforcement Captain Non-represented D71
  Corrections Captain Non-represented D71
  Parole & Probation Captain Non-represented D71