Historic Resources Commission Home

The Historic Resources Commission consists of seven volunteer members from the Benton County Community.  The commission is state-mandated and was created to implement a county-wide historic preservation program (ORS 358.622) which includes:

  • Heightening the public's awareness of our historic heritage;
  • Coordinating the local program with statewide and federal preservation programs;
  • Maintaining a library on historic properties and helpful information on preservation techniques for the public's use at the Benton County Historical Museum; and
  • Overseeing the Benton County Register of Historic Resources program.

Meetings are Open to the Public

The Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of each month on an as needed basis.  If there is a conflict, the meeting will be rescheduled at the convenience of the members.  The meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and will normally take place at the Kalapuya Building at 4500 SW Research Way - 2nd Floor, Corvallis, or at 460 SW Madison Avenue - 2nd Floor, Corvallis. Please check the agenda page for the meeting location. 

The Department that coordinates the Historic Preservation Program and provides liaison services to the commission is the Community Development Department.

The Benton County Historic Resources Commission's mission includes:

  • Reviewing and maintaining a Cultural Resources Survey for the County;
  • Reviewing sites for eligibility and placement on the Benton County Register;
  • Promoting the use and preservation of historic resources;
  • Providing technical assistance to owners who wish to improve their historic properties;
  • Seeking funding and professional assistance for survey, planning, repair, maintenance, rehabilitation, and restoration of historic resources;
  • Promoting public awareness and interest in Benton County historic resources;
  • Reviewing applications for demolition permits and building permits for exterior alterations of structures listed on the Benton County Register of Historic Resources.