Benton County Local Historic Register

Benton County's Register of Historic Resources currently lists 59 properties noted for their historic significance.   Among these unique resources are dwellings, farmsteads, churches, barns, cemeteries, and covered bridges.  Several properties on the County Register have achieved the additional recognition of listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Resource Name County File # Date Placed on Register Township-Range-Section-Tax lot, Acres Period Represented Contributing Factor/s

Benton County List of Local Historic Register Resources
*these resources also on National Register

Albert Zierolf Farm HRC-86-01 2/27/1986

3 Acres

1899-1920's two story wood frame farm house that is excellent example of rural turn of the century farm house construction, a mortise and tenon framing, Brimmer horse barn, plus outbuildings
Anthony Farm HRC-94-07 3/28/1994 10-4-27-1100 1900-1925 Utilitarian barn, only surveyed example of a T-shaped barn, granary and implement shed, kitchen wing of the original house and landscape features
Augustus Buckingham House HRC-94-06 4/25/1994 14-6-13-100 1894 excellent example of a 19th century farm house with Queen Anne elements
Bellfountain Park HRC-93-02 2/09/1993

10 acres

1845-1860 Benton County's oldest park, location of Methodist-Episcopal camp meetings and focal point for the spiritual and social life of the pioneer Belknap Community
Bellfountain School and Gym HRC-94-04 2/28/1994 14-6-12DD-1100 1900-1925 significant as relatively intact examples of rural school complex built shortly after the turn of the century, the gymnasium is a good example of early wooden gymnasiums
Bush Dairy Barns HRC-94-32 1/09/1995   1925-1940 20th Century Architecture/agriculture
Cabell Barn (#2) HRC-86-05 5/01/1986

2 acres

1920-21 One of the largest farm buildings in the Willamette Valley,
Cabell Lodge HRC-86-06 5/01/1986 13-5-29-100
1 acre
1912 Colonial style 1 and 1/2 story bungalow "club house"
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)  - Oak Creek Guard Station Residence and Barn HRC-92-05 7/01/1992 11-5-20-200 1941 Associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the history of the United States, Oregon and Benton County
CCC Sign Shop, Warehouse, and Monument HRC-92-04 7/01/92 10-4-31-1900 1936 Civilian Conservation Corps Rustic, it retains excellent integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association
Chambers-Miller Farm Group HRC-91-03 2/5/92   1860-1880 Gothic Revival
Charles King House HRC-89-03 7/21/89   1860-1880 Rural Gothic
Children's Farm Home School LU-07-073 9/17/2007   1925 20th Century revival of Georgian Colonial
Crystal Lake Cemetery HRC-03-02 12/23/2003   1850-1953 cemetery
Currier-Thompson House HRC-94-22 9/12/94   1900-1925 Prairie Style House
Edwin & Anna Starr House* HRC-86-07 10/16/86 14-5-8-700
2 acres
1900-1925 Gothic Vernacular farm house
Farley Kirkham House HRC-94-08 5/09/1994   1900-1925 Mixed
Fort Hoskins HRC-93-03 2/09/93   1856-1866  
George Cooper House HRC-94-17 6/13/1994   1880-1900 Gothic Vernacular Farmhouse
Hanson House and Incubator HRC-89-01 1/08/89   1928 Dutch Colonial Revival
Harris Covered Bridge HRC-85-02 11/21/85   1929  
Hayden Covered Bridge HRC-85-03 11/21/85   1918  
Hugo Newman Winery HRC-94-12 5/09/1994   1925-1940 Horticulture
Hull-Oakes Lumber Co. HRC-98-01 2/09/1998   1938-1946 sawmill
Independent Community Club LU-12-040 9/17/2012      
Irish Bend Covered Bridge HRC-85-01 11/21/85   1954  
Irish Bend School HRC-95-05 6/12/1995   1900-1925 education
Irwin-Cheadle Barn HRC-86-04 5/01/86   1880-1900 Rural Gothic
Isaac King Barn HRC-94-26 12/12/1994   1850's 19th Century agriculture
James Watson House & Barn HRC-91-05 10/09/91   1845-1860 Classical Revival
John Feichter House & Garage HRC-85-05 11/21/85   1845-1860 Classical Revival
Kings Valley Cemetery HRC-95-04 5/08/1995   1850 cemetery
Kings Valley Evangelical Church HRC-91-02 10/09/91   1880-1900  
Knotts-Owens Farmstead LU-13-005 2/25/2013      
KOAC Transmitter HRC-91-12 5/06/92   1925-1940  
Mark Rickard House HRC-85-04 11/21/85   1925-1940  
Mary Barclay House HRC-94-24 11/14/1994   1860's Queen Anne
Mary's River Bridge HRC-93-04 2/09/93   1900-1925  
Monroe Cemetery HRC-95-03 5/08/1995   1850 cemetery
Moody-Aldergrove School HRC-91-06 10/09/91   1900-1925 Education Vernacular
Mountain View Grange HRC-93-06 11/23/93   1900-1925  
Mt. Union Cemetery HRC-94-29 11/14/1994   1861 cemetery
Oakridge Cemetery HRC-94-33 11/14/1994   1880 cemetery
Peter Rickard Farm HRC-94-05 3/28/1994   1890 Queen Anne/Eastlake
Plunkett House and Barn HRC-91-07 11/13/91   1860-1880 Gothic Vernacular
Post-Strout House HRC-96-01 2/12/1996   1880-1900 Rural Gothic, Gothic vernacular
Rycraft House HRC-94-45 1/09/1995   1900-1925 Craftsman/Queen Anne
Samuel Franz House HRC-93-03 2/09/93   1860-1880 Gothic Revival
Samuel Whiteside House HRC-94-03 2/28/1994   1880-1900 Gothic Revival
Slate/Hayden House & Grainery HRC-86-03 5/01/86   1880-1900 Gothic Revival
Smith-Rickard House LU-05-001 1/24/2005   1890 Italianate
Soap Creek School HRC-92-06 10/12/92   1929  
Summit Store HRC-96-02 2/12/1996   1880-1900 service distribution
Taylor-Davis House HRC-86-02 2/27/86   1900-1925 Oregon Rustic
Wentz House HRC-94-09 4/25/1994   1880-1900 Queen Anne Cottage
Willamette Community Grange LU-08-057 6/21/2008   1923 Georgian design
Woodcock House HRC-93-07 124/94   1880-1900 Italianate
Wren Cemetery HRC-95-02 5/08/1995   1850 cemetery
Wren Community Hall HRC-91-08 11/13/91   1925-1940