The Historic Register

Benton County's Register of Historic Resources currently lists 53 properties noted for their historic significance.   Among these unique resources are dwellings, farmsteads, churches, barns, cemeteries, and covered bridges.  Several properties on the County Register have achieved the additional recognition of listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

A few of Benton County's historic resources are described below.


Frantz-Dunn House, Hoskins, Oregon, ca. 1869

Frantz-Dunn House, Hoskins, Oregon, ca. 1869
The Frantz-Dunn House was built on the remnants of Ft. Hoskins (1856). The Frantz family purchased the decommissioned fort site in 1866 and proceeded to construct a home next to the former military hospital.

The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and the Benton County Register of Historic Resources in 1993 as an element of the Ft. Hoskins site. The structure is slated to become the interpretive center for the Ft. Hoskins Historic Park.  See the Natural Areas & Parks Department Fort Hoskins page.

Frantz-Dunn House, Hoskins, Oregon, October 1997

Frantz-Dunn House, Hoskins, Oregon, October 1997
In September 1997 the house was repainted using original paint colors determined through an analysis of paint layers. The front porch was reconstructed in 2014, restoring historical accuracy.

Bellfountain School, ca. 1940

Bellfountain School

Built ca. 1908 on the site of the 1870s school house, Bellfountain School is one of only two early 20th century schools still in school use in southern Benton  County.    Built  in  the  Bungalow  style, this school is distinguished by a hipped roof bell tower on its older portion. The gymnasium (1913) is architecturally  unique  in  Benton County.  In the   1930s the Bellfountain high school basketball team   achieved distinction as the only  Class B basketball team in state history to win the  Class  A  state  championship – with a team of 8 boys, none over 6 feet tall.  “The Giant Killers” is a book and feature film that documents their feat.

Gathering at the Fort Hoskins site, Memorial Day, 1922

Fort Hoskins
Gathering at the Fort Hoskins site, Memorial Day, 1922.  This group assembled at the Fort Hoskins site to dedicate a new flag pole.  An iBook and Walking Tour of Fort Hoskins (free download) was published in 2015, and is described at the website of the Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas.

Hanson Home, 1932

Hanson Home, ca. 1928
Placed on the Benton County Register of Historic Resources in 1989, the Hanson farm was established by J.A. Hanson, a pre-eminent poultry breeder, and member of the Oregon Poultry Hall of Fame.  The estate operated for many years as a prosperous poultry breeding ranch.  It operates now as a bed & breakfast, the Hanson Country Inn.

KOAC transmitter building, 1941

KOAC transmitter building, 1941
Located on the Oregon State College experimental farm at Granger (about seven miles north of its campus) on U.S. Highway 20, this new transmitter house and two new 325-foot radio towers (in rear) were required for KOAC to increase the station power from 1000 to 5000 watts. KOAC has been broadcasting continuously since 1923, and details of its history can be found at the website of OSU Special Collections & Archives.

Caption text courtesy of the OSU Archives, P57:708

Soap Creek School, ca. 1940

Soap Creek School, ca. 1935

The   Soap Creek  School  is  typical  of  one-room  facilities  and features a covered entry porch, central bell tower, and boys' and girls' cloak rooms on either side of the entry.   Some of  the  building elements,  notably window casings, appear older than the 1930s and suggest that they were reused from an earlier building. After closure, the building stood empty for 26 years until  dedicated  valley  residents  reclaimed  it  in  1972. In 1993, Soap Creek School was enrolled in the National Register of Historic Places.  Operated by a non-profit foundation, the school and grounds are available for public gatherings.

Residence of W.S. Woodcock, Corvallis, ca. 1885

Woodcock House
Residence of W.S. Woodcock, Corvallis, ca. 1885.  The Woodcock House was located on the southwest corner of 5th and Jackson Streets in Corvallis until 1975, when it was moved to its present location northeast of the city.

[From David Fagan, History of Benton County, Oregon, 1885.]

Other Benton County Historic Resources

Albert Zierolf Farm 1880-1900 Farming, Queen Anne
Augustus Buckingham House c. 1894 Queen Anne Farmhouse
Bellfountain Park 1845-1860 Religion/Recreation
Bellfountain School & Gym 1900-1925 Education
Cabell Barn #2 1920-1921 Farming
Cabell Lodge c. 1912 Colonial
CCC Research Station 1925-1940 Government
CCC Sign Shop 1925-1940 Government
CCC Warehouse and Monument 1925-1940 Government
Chambers - Miller Farm Group 1860-1880 Gothic Revival
Charles King House 1860-1880 Rural Gothic
Currier - Thompson House 1900-1925 Prairie Style Farmhouse
Edwin and Anna Starr House 1900-1925 Oregon Rustic
Farely Kirkham House 1900-1925 Mixed
Fort Hoskins 1856-1866 Government
George Cooper House 1880-1900 Gothic Vern. Farmhouse
Hanson House & Incubator c. 1928 Dutch Colonial Revival
Harris Covered Bridge c. 1929 Transportation
Hayden Covered Bridge c. 1918 Transportation
Hugo Neuman Winery 1925-1940 Horticulture
Hull-Oakes Lumber Company c. 1939 Sawmill
Irish Bend Covered Bridge c. 1954 Transportation
Irwin - Cheadle Barn 1880-1900 Rural Gothic
Isaac King Barn c. 1850s Agriculture: 19th Century
James Watson House 1845-1860 Classical Revival
John Feichter House and Garage 1845-1860 Classic Revival
Kings Valley Cemetery c. 1850 Cemetery
Kings Valley Evang. Church 1880-1900 Religion
KOAC Transmitter 1925-1940 Communication
Louis Anthony Barn 1900-1925 20th Century Architecture
Mark & Grace Rickard House 1925-1940 20th Century Architecture
Mary Barclay House 1860s Queen Anne
Marys River Bridge 1900-1925 Transportation
Mc Bee House  (moved) 1880-1900 Vernacular with Queen Anne and Gothic
Monroe Cemetery c. 1850 Cemetery
Moody - Aldergrove School 1900-1925 Education Vernacular
Mountain View Grange 1900-1925 Fraternal
Mt. Union Cemetery 1861 Cemetery
Oakridge Cemetery c. 1880 Cemetery
Peter Rickard Farm c. 1890 Queen Anne / Eastlake
Plunkett House & Barn 1860-1880 Gothic Vernacular
Post - Strout House 1880-1900 Rural gothic, Gothic, Vernacular
Rycraft House 1900-1925 Craftsman/Queen Anne
Samuel Frantz House 1860-1880 Gothic Revival
Samuel Whiteside Farm 1880-1900 Gothic Revival
Slate/Hayden House and Granary 1880-1900 Gothic Revival
Soap Creek School c. 1929 School
Summit Store 1880-1900 Service Distribution
Taylor - Davis House 1900-1925 Oregon Rustic
Watson Barn 1845-1860 Farming
Wentz House 1880-1900 Queen Anne Cottage
Woodcock House 1880-1900 Italianate
Wren Cemetery c. 1850 Cemetery
Wren Community Hall 1925-1940 Recreation