Justice System Improvement Program

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Building a Justice System for the Future

Treatment and accountability to transform lives, ensure safety, and strengthen community



Program Updates


Commissioners remove south Corvallis site from consideration for justice system facilities

The Benton County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on November 30, 2021, to allow the letter of intent for the south Corvallis site at Kiger Island Road to expire, removing the site from its immediate list of possible locations for future justice system facilities. The letter of intent expired on Wednesday, December 1.

The Board now shifts to considering the two remaining proposed suburban sites in west and north Corvallis. The County currently has a letter of intent to purchase the west site property in Corvallis for the creation of a justice system campus, and is in negotiation on a property in north Corvallis next to Hewlett-Packard. If neither the north nor west sites come to fruition, the County has not ruled out the possibility of reconsidering the south site, should it remain available for purchase. Learn More.

Questions and Answers from October 13 Virtual Community Meeting

Answers to the questions posed at the October 13 Virtual Community Meeting are now available. 

2021 Public Involvement Report

Thank you for joining us and providing your feedback and ideas during our first round of public engagement between July-October 2021. Please see our Public Involvement Report and the Report Appendix for a full summary of 2021 public engagement. 


The community wants a modern justice system that builds trust, provides safety, holds offenders accountable, and provides treatment to help people rejoin the community as productive neighbors, parents, and family members.  

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Currently, old and overcrowded buildings are impacting the way justice happens in Benton County.  This proposal for new facilities was developed through collaboration with a wide range of interests:

  • Crisis Center: A treatment-centered alternative to incarceration or the emergency room that provides stabilization for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, along with referrals and supports for ongoing mental health services. Treatment helps address the underlying problem.
  • Courthouse: An accessible, safe, and secure building built for the 21st century. The Historic Courthouse will be preserved for future community use. All community members need fair and equitable access.
  • Corrections Facility: With adequate space, room for expansion, and opportunity for rehabilitation programs, this facility will serve the County for the next 40 years. Victims and the public deserve to know dangerous offenders will be kept off the street.
  • Sheriff and Emergency Operations: Providing the space, technology, and ability to collaborate both in crisis and everyday will make law enforcement more effective. Modern facilities assist first responders in saving lives.


Connecting with our community

Benton County is working hard to learn from our community by listening to ideas, concerns and opportunities in order to craft a final proposal that has wide support. Through small group meetings, speaking engagements, one-to-one conversations, and large online meetings, we want to reach as many people as possible in 2021. To learn more about our public outreach efforts, take a look at our Public Involvement Plan