RFP Questions and Responses:


Questions Date Responses

Will firms that have done previous criminal justice system assessment work for Benton County be precluded from pursuing Phase 2?


Any firm that has done previous work for Benton County is not precluded from responding to the current predesign RFP. 

Will the selected firm of Phase 2 be precluded from performing Phase 3? 10/31/19

The firm selected for this predesign project – Phase 2 – will not be precluded from responding to Phase 3 RFP or from performing Phase 3 (that is future work and not part of the current predesign RFP)

My name is Chang-ming Yeh with the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). I wonder whether the 11/8 attendees/architect pre-bid sign-up information is available, so we may make contact for teaming opportunities to jointly respond to the RFP?  I would also appreciate that my contact information be available to other interested proposers. cyeh@ncsc.org 11/20/19 The RFP identifies that the names of firms that submit a proposal will not be made available until the contract is finalized with the selected Proposer. Hence, the RFP predesign conference sign-up sheet is not available for distribution, nor, at this time, are the names of firms who have shown interest in this RFP 
Formatting questions - the total page limit for the full proposal is 85 pages, not including attachments. Are resumes / job descriptions part of the attachments?  Are the 85 pages determined by single or doubled sided pages when printed? 11/20/19 Yes, resumes and job descriptions are part of the attachments. The total number of "numbered" pages is 85 whether they are printed on one or both sides . If single sided when printed, there would be 85 total pages. If double sided when printed, there would be 42.5pages which numbered to 85.