Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an ad hoc committee whose role is to provide direction and feedback to the system assessment.

The membership is comprised of representatives of the justice system components including the judiciary, law enforcement, parole and probation, prosecution, defense bar, health services, and the public.  

  • Xan Augerot, Benton County Commissioner
  • Dannielle Brown, Benton County Health Services Deputy Director
  • Judge David Connell, Benton County Circuit Court
  • Helen Cunha, Mental Health, Addictions, Developmental Diversity Advisory Committee member
  • Judge Matthew Donahue, Benton County Circuit Court
  • Allison Davis-White Eyes, Director of Oregon State University Community Diversity Relations 
  • John Haroldson, Benton County District Attorney
  • Thomas Hill, Defense Bar representative
  • Nick Hurley, Corvallis Police Chief
  • Joe Kerby, Benton County Administrator
  • Karen Nibler, League of Women Voters of Corvallis
  • Becky Pape, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center CEO
  • Jim Swinyard, 2040 Thriving Communities Initiative Council member
  • Matt Wetherell, Benton County Juvenile Department Director

Operations Team

The Operation Teams is an internal working group whose role is to ensure that the system assessment proceeds in a transparent, timely, and productive manner and that the necessary resources and access are provided to the consultants and public.  

  • Xan Augerot, Benton County Commissioner
  • Jaimi Glass, Benton County Sheriff Public Information Officer
  • Joe Kerby, Benton County Administrator
  • Nick Kurth, Program Manager
  • Lili'a Neville, Benton County Sheriff Senior Strategic Program Manager
  • Greg Ridler, Benton County Undersheriff
  • Jef Van Arsdall, Benton County Sheriff