Youth Litter Patrol

The Benton County Juvenile Department conducts a youth litter patrol made up of Juvenile Department clients.

The Youth Litter Patrol Program is a collaborative effort between the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Benton County Juvenile Department. Under the direction of an adult supervisor, Youth Litter Patrol crews work as temporary county employees picking up roadside litter and debris along state highways.

Juvenile Department clients who are interested in working on the Litter Patrol must first complete the Juvenile Department Job Skills Course. This class provides training on topics such as resume writing, job search techniques, interview skills, work ethics, and basic money management. Clients then go through an application and interview process. Successful applicants are hired as temporary workers for approximately three months. Crew members work on weekends in crews of four to six youths. Clients needing money to pay restitution are given first priority.

Participants in the program learn about teamwork and responsibility and gain work experience and references for future employment.