Start a Short-Term Rental

Short-Term Rental

As allowed under ORS 320.300, Benton County imposed a 3% county-wide Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) effective July 1, 2019 via Ordinance 2019-294.

Things to Consider

As the operator of a business you are responsible for the well-being of your customers whether they are renting out a room or your whole house. Prior to the operation of your business you will need to obtain land use approval and verify that your facility meets building code and fire, life and safety standards. Bringing your facility up to these standards may include testing your water quality, addressing building code, assessing your septic system capacity, and insuring your driveway is accessible to emergency vehicles.

Land Use Approval

In order to begin operating a short-term rental, bed and breakfast or other type of overnight accommodation in Benton County you will need land use approval. The type of review needed will depend on the zoning designation of your property. Please call 541-766-6819 and ask for the Planner On-Call or visit our Benton County Zoning Map to identify your zoning. You are also welcome to come by our office at 360 SW Avery Ave, Corvallis, Oregon 97333. For our hours of operation, please visit Community Development

The Application Types are Provided Below:

Property Zoning Designation Application Type
Exclusive Farm Use, Multi-Purpose Agriculture or Forest Conservation Conditional Use - Home Occupation
All other zones Home Occupation - For Non-Resource Zones
Any Zone - When Requesting an Exception to the Standards Conditional Use - Home Occupation


Fire, Life and Safety

Once you receive land use approval, you will likely need to bring your property and/or structure up to certain fire, life and safety standards. Some or all of the following may apply:

  • Building Permits (structural, change of use, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical) (as required by Building Division)
  • Parking Space(s) (as required by Planning Division)
  • ADA Parking Space(s) (as required by Building Division)
  • Road Approach Permit and/or Improvements (as required by Public Works)
  • Public or County Road Improvements (as required by Public Works)
  • Local Fire Department Emergency Access (as specified by your Fire Dept.)
  • Septic System Permits (evaluation, authorization, construction, or repair) (as required by Environmental Health Division)
  • Tax assessment on personal property used in the business (as required by Benton County Assessment Dept.)
  • Permits, licenses, fees required by other agencies, depending on the nature of the business.

Please contact the Benton County department or division responsible for determining the applicability of the above Applications, Permits, and Improvements:

Assessment Department Environmental Health Division

(541) 766-6855; 4077 Research Way, Corvallis

(541) 766-6841; 4077 Research Way, Corvallis

Planning and Building Divisions Public Works Department

(541) 766-6819; 360 SW Avery Ave, Corvallis

(541) 766-6821; 360 SW Avery Ave, Corvallis