Benton County Geographic Information Systems

Benton County departments develop and maintain a variety of geographic data related to County business functions as part of their business functions and as a service to County staff and citizens.  Products include printable maps, interactive maps, and GIS data for use by the public.  Most maps are accessible through the department web page, but a list of frequently accessed maps, data, and links are listed below.

Products available include:

  • Benton County Taxlot Map - an online, interactive mapping application that displays Assessment Maps with other map information and links.
  • Benton County Zoning Map - an online, interactive mapping application that displays Zoning Maps with other map information and links. 
  • Benton County Survey Map - an online, interactive mapping application that displays Survey map layers with other map information and links. This is a more advanced application for Surveyors and other interested users.
  • Assessment maps – produced for Property Tax Assessment by the Assessor's Department - in scanned, Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)
  • Survey maps – County Surveys, Subdivision and Partition Plats as filed by Surveyors with the County Surveyor's Office - in scanned, Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)
  • GIS data – Geographic Information System data in ESRI shapefile and other GIS formats to use with GIS software.
  • Web GIS Services - Geographic Information System data provided as services that can be used in desktop GIS software or through other web-based GIS applications

Many County Departments include access to selected maps in both .pdf and .jpg formats:

Map Type Description Department


Standard County Road Map
Lifelines on County Roads
Benton County Bicycle Facility Map
City of Corvallis Active Transportation Page
Oversize and Overweight Route Map
City of Corvallis Bicycle Facility Map

Public Works Department
Zoning Benton County Zoning Map Community Development Department

Benton County Taxlot Map 

Assessment Maps, and Property Tax Search

Assessor's Office
Elections Election Precinct Maps Elections Office

Benton Natural Areas & Parks Maps

The Right Trail - an interactive trail map website

Natural Areas & Parks Department
Topographic GIS maps provide LiDAR-derived elevation information along with many other map layers. Information Technology
Cities, Counties, State, and Federal Map Resources


Linn CountyPolk CountyLane CountyLincoln County


National MapCensus Maps

(Outside Agencies)


What is GIS?

GIS, or "Geographic Information Systems" means a computer system for the storage, retrieval and spatial and logical analysis of geographically based data. For Benton County this means a computerized system that improves access and usefulness of geographic information about Benton County through 1.) spatial and logical analysis; 2.) graphical display; 3.) central storage and distribution; and 4.) public availability.