Travel and Road Information

Extreme Fire Danger - Total Burn Ban in Effect

Smoke and orange light cause visibility issues, particularly for motorists. Extra care is needed to assure safety for cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Please ensure:

  • Reduce non-essential trips.
  • Lights on for safety.
  • Take extra care at intersections and merging (look twice).
  • Reduce distractions – pull over & stop to take photos, avoid even hands-free phone calls.
  • Pedestrians & cyclists should take care to wear high-visibility clothing / lights.

If you must drive, plan your trip and watch for any potential road closures and hazards using


Power Line Safety


If you see electrical wires on the ground, stay clear and contact your local power company immediately.

For downed power lines leave the area immediately and call 9-1-1. Then, call Pacific Power at 1-877-508-5088 or Consumers Power Inc. at (800) 872-9036.

Power outage maps can be found here

For Pacific Power: Outage Map
For Consumers Power, Inc: Outage Map