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Are Playgrounds Open?

Answer: Yes, playgrounds at Adair, North Albany and Bellfountain Parks reopened on June 19th, as the State has allowed outdoor playgrounds to be used again. 

  • Playground visitors are encouraged to wash hands before and after visiting a playground.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least six feet.
  • Bring hand sanitizer wipes for personal use on any surfaces touched.  Public restrooms are open. 
  • Any individuals who are sick or may have contacted someone with COVID-19 should stay home. 

Playground equipment will be inspected weekly; however, the structures cannot be sanitized by park staff. 

  • Benton County natural areas, parks and trails remain open for walking, hiking, biking, running activities following the 6 feet rule.
  • No reservations are being accepted for any County Park Shelters at this time.
  • The Oregon Health Authority recommends social distancing of 6 feet. If unable to maintain social distancing find another location or come back.
  • While on trails, announce presence, step aside, let others pass.
  • Restrooms are cleaned regularly.
  • Follow CDC guidelines and wash your hands before and after you visit a park, trail or natural area, or other public space.
  • Let’s work together to slow the spread of this virus by compliance to the above actions.

Are picnic shelters and other gathering places such as Beazell Education Center open?

Answer: Yes, if current COVID-19 safety requirements occur.

Are boat ramps open?

Answer: Yes, Campbell, Mill Creek, Salmonberry and Hyak boat ramps are open.

Is Salmonberry Campground and Alsea Guard Station open?

Answer: Yes.  Reservations can be made on our Salmonberry or Alsea Guard Station link or by calling the Parks office at (541) 766-6871.

Do I get a refund for canceled camping reservations?

Answer: Now that facilities are reopened and services are resuming, additional refunds will not be issued outside of the normal refund policy. However, if the situation changes and we have to close the campground, full refunds will be given.

What can I do to help our parks stay open?

Answer: With limited staffing, the Benton County Natural Areas & Parks team members will be focused on the safety needs surrounding our parks reopening.  As physical distancing is a requirement for opening of public parks, the Parks Program will be highly reliant upon guests strictly following physical distancing guidelines and remaining 6' apart.  Large gatherings and blatant disregard for these rules may lead to reclosure of facilities.  Additionally, as hand sanitizer and soap are in short supply, we realize that some may disappear from park restrooms.  Please, do not take sanitizer and soap from park facilities. 

Whether going out for a day of fishing, planning a family outing or exploring the many plant communities and wildlife habitats — Benton County parks have something for everyone.

The Benton County Natural Areas and Parks Department serves the interests and pursuits of Benton County residents by providing access to natural, historic, and recreational areas and conserving, restoring and developing parkland investments.

These web pages highlight the recreational opportunities and habitat management at your County natural areas and parks.  Explore the information about your parks, and get outdoors!

Benton County Commissioners, Parks Advisory Board and the Natural Areas and Parks Department staff invite you to enjoy your parks!


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