Beazell Forest Education Center

Facility Inside View

Reservation Information and Guidelines

Reservations: Contact the Natural Areas, Parks & Events Department, at 110 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis OR 97333 Phone 541-766-6521. Reservations can be scheduled one year in advance.

Facility-Tour:  Tours are encouraged before renting to insure facility will accommodate your planned event. Please call in advance to schedule a tour.  All tours are scheduled for Mondays from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. with the exception of Holidays.

Who is Eligible to Rent: Private parties, business groups, churches, civic organizations. Fee Waivers can be requested for rental groups with “Educational Status”. Benton County Schools including private schools registered with OR Department of Education. Fee waiver request only apply for rentals (Monday through Friday).

Not Eligible to Rent:  University living groups

Capacity:  80 people

Parking Availability:   Parking is extremely limited as there are only 24 parking spaces are available.  Please encourage or arrange for carpooling. No parking is allowed on HWY 223 or in grass-covered area. 

Telephone:  Telephones are located in the Caterer’s Area and Classroom for renters use.  Local calls only. The phone number is 541-929-5019. Cell phone service in Kings Valley is often unavailable.

Alcohol Use:   Is strictly prohibited unless you have complied with OLCC policies and guidelines.  A licensed, insured server is required for serving alcohol.  A copy of server’s OLCC license and insurance must be submitted prior to event. Keys will not be issued until a copy has been received.

Keys:   Center keys MUST be picked up at the Parks Department Office at 110 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97333 the last working day prior to your reservations.  The office is not open on weekends or holidays. Office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Keys are to be returned, along with “Cleaning Checklist,” within 48 hours following event, to insure deposit return. An after-hours drop box is located by the front entrance at 110 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis, OR 97333

Cleanup Requirements:  All items on “Rental Cleaning Checklist” must be accomplished and building COMPLETELY VACATED NO LATER THAN 11:00 p.m. (or at earlier end time of hourly rental). If facility is not vacated by 11:00 p.m., you will be charged half of your deposit for the first half hour past 11:00 p.m. After that, your complete deposit will be forfeited.  Please leave Center clean & ready for the next rental group. Your security deposit refund is dependent on complete, timely cleanup and adherence to the 11:00 p.m. end time. If the rental group does not perform cleaning requirements, or there are any damages, deposit will be forfeited and any additional cleaning required or repair will be contracted out and the cost will be billed to rental group.

Responsible Party:  The person who signs the Center contract is accountable for: picking up keys before event; will assume the responsibility for cleaning and condition of the Center following rental; turning off lights; locking the Center and insuring all windows are shut and locked; turning down thermostat to 60°; and return of keys and checklist.

Building Access: A reservation for the Beazell Forest Education Center does not include access to the building for the purpose of decorating, rehearsals, setting up, or other preparations on the day or evening preceding, nor on the day following, the reservation date unless reserved and paid for. If facility is entered prior to your reservation date, you are charged the rental fee for a day. If not vacated by the 11:00 p.m. end time you will be charged half of your deposit for the first one half hour, if occupancy is later than that all of your deposit amount will automatically be forfeited.

Cancellations:  No refunds will be made when reservations are canceled unless another group re-books your original date.  If your original date is not rented, you forfeit all fees paid.  You may reschedule to another date within the current calendar year if date is available.  A $25 dollar re-booking charge will apply.  We do not give credit or refunds due to discomfort of nature or weather related events.  

Remember: This is a NO SMOKING facility and property, with NO OVERNIGHT use, NO OPEN FLAMES of any kind, and NO FIREWORKS!

Other Helpful Information -  Things to Know

  Assembly (Main) Room                  =          2,000 square feet    

  Classroom                                        =             300 square feet                    
  Caterer’s Area                                  =             200 square feet
  Outside Deck (north)                      =             648 square feet (36’ x 18’)

Available Tables    = 12 (8' long/30x96” rectangular tables) - located on carts in storage room adjacent to Caterer’s area

                                 = 12 (60” round tables)

Chairs    = 80 (stackable) - located on carts in storage room see facility map**return to storage room**

Furniture - is not to be removed from the building.  Upon completion of an event, all furniture is to be returned to the designated storage area.

Classroom Tables & Chairs = 3 tables (24”x96”) and 18 stackable chairs. Please make sure these specific chairs and tables are returned to classroom

Garbage Cans –Assembly Room - 2 (12 gal.); Caterer’s Room – 1 (33 gal.); Classroom -1 (12 gal.); 1 built-in unit in each Restroom (12 gal.) – It is your responsibility to empty existing/outer garbage liner to tub/dumpster near outside Restrooms in parking area (use small key to access; & re-lock tub) make sure 2 can liners are replaced in each garbage can.

TAKE ALL GARBAGE TO DUMPSTER located next to the outdoor restrooms AFTER EVENT

10-foot Ladder - (for decorating/set-up/takedown use) – located in storage room

Breaker Box - located in Mechanical Room – access via keypad/lock box

(Dial 541-766-6911 this is Police Dispatch Non-Emergency Number they will contact the on call Park Employee to return your call.  The call will be made to the Beazell Forest Education Center Phone located in the classroom or kitchen area.  You will be given the keypad/ lock box access number for BFEC Mechanical Room)

Available Outlets - Outlets for inside main hall of Beazell Forest Ed Center

14 duplex outlets - 4-6 of the outlets are linked to the same circuit 

Each circuit is 20 amps max wattage is 1,000. Use of power strips is recommended.

Fire Extinguishers – 5 extinguishers, located at each door to outside/point of egress

Projection Screens – 1 wall-mount screen (23 pounds, 70”x70”) located in Classroom; & 1 wall-mount screen located in main Assembly Room, can be hung on brackets on either northeast or southeast wall of main assembly room.*No other audio/visual equipment available. Wifi is now available at the center.

Refrigerator - commercial, stainless steel/double doors, located in Caterer’s area (no freezer unit available)

No - stove/oven, microwave or coffee maker available.    

Locations of Cleaning Supplies Provided -  For (Full-Facility) rentals – in storage room cleaning closet;
for (Classroom-only) rentals – in “tub” modules/shelves (top, left tub) to left of classroom entry door.

Thermostat/Heat Operation - 3 thermostats/zones: Caterer’s Area; Assembly Room; & Classroom. See instruction signs by each thermostat; remember to turn up temperature (allow 3 hrs. plus for warm-up)

Instructions - to Open/Close Large Sliding Doors:  [refer to signage/ instructions]

Securing Facility -Close and lock all windows and doors; turn off lights; turn down thermostat to 60 degree.

Facility Restrictions –  No Access Allowed in Mezzanine/Balcony for Any Purpose

No Use of Nails, Tacks, or Staples  -  All Open Flames Whatsoever Are Prohibited in the Facility

Facility Diagram





37283 Kings Valley Hwy, Philomath OR 97370

(Do not use address for billing/mailing purposes)

Beazell Memorial Forest is located 15 miles from Corvallis on the Kings Valley Highway (State Hwy 223).  From Corvallis, take Hwy 20 west for five miles past Philomath, turn north on Kings Valley Highway at Wren and drive six miles to the park entrance on the east side of the road.  The park entrance is well signed; additional directional signs are on all major area roads.

PARKING:  Is extremely limited please encourage carpooling

Rental group parking is shared with all forest and trails use; designated parking includes: 2 reserved bus parking spots; 2 handicap parking spaces, & 3 designated trailhead/day use parking spaces. No parking allowed on turf it covers the drain field.

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