Forest Resource Stewardship Plan Update- Public Outreach

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Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department (NAPD) has worked with a contract forester since 2000 to develop Resource Stewardship Plans, to provide management recommendations over a 10-year planning period.  Each plan provides guidance of management actions at Beazell Memorial Forest, Fitton Green Natural Area, and Fort Hoskins Historic Park, with an emphasis on sustainable forestry and forest stand enhancement/conservation.  General objectives of the plan include:

  • Promote diverse wildlife habitats to support a wide range of native biodiversity,
  • Use and demonstrate environmentally sensitive management and harvest techniques to restore habitat,
  • Maintain forest health, and improve tree quality, maintain a conservative harvest level to provide ongoing funding for park management,
  • Meet sustainable forestry guideline standards and adapt management over time to changing knowledge and resource conditions.  NAPD managed timber harvests use a variety of silvicultural techniques to create structures that benefit wildlife and native biodiversity, where limited natural disturbance occurs, and uneven-aged stand structures are developed through sustainable timber harvest and management activities.


Subject to change:

* Draft report ready for internal/parks board review and comments December 4th
* Final draft is ready for public comments starting at the parks board meeting January 5th
* 2nd/3rd week of January for the final draft public review meeting using the Citrix webconference system- including recording of the event and posting on the public outreach website (in development).
* County Board of Commissioners/Parks Board Adoption by end of January 2021.

Public Outreach Presentation & Participation

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no public meetings will occur during the public outreach for the current plan update, however there are many ways that anyone interested in learning about the proposed plan and providing comments and questions, including:

  • Review the Public Outreach Presentation- an interactive storyboard, and Take the Public Survey here: TBD

  • Read the full DRAFT Forest Resources Stewardship Plan Update (2021-2031) here: TBD

  • Participate or Watch our recorded Public Outreach Presentation event with Trout Mountain Forestry- contract resources manager who developed the plan with guidance from Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department (Time TBD)

  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and answers provided below.  Citizens can provide comments and questions to the project coordinator at any time during the public outreach period (December 2020- January 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the history of the Resource Stewardship Plan Update?

Staff and the Natural Areas & Parks Advisory Board volunteers, spent several months starting in January 2020, to develop an RFP that would serve the public good to develop a 10-year plan for the stewardship of the parks and natural areas covered under these planning documents.  On April 8th, 2020- the Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Advisory Board and Board of Commissioners completed minor updates to the Project Timeline with Board of Commissioners review of the final RFP. The RFP specifically provided a detailed timeline and process for receiving and responding to questions provided by any interested organization.  Extensive work also occurred to ensure broad solicitation and communication of the RFP including: April 14th, 2020- RFP published on Gazette Times, Albany Democrat Herald, Capital Press, Daily Journal of Commerce, and our department Facebook page.  The RFP materials and support documents, including any published addenda were also published on two county RFP websites and can still be reviewed at: Given the above summary of the process and resources provided, the department developed and released an extensive, objective, and transparent RFP to solicit private sector proposals.

2.  How was the project proposals solicited and reviewed?

Trout Mountain Forestry provided the sole proposal within the RFP requirements and provides a plan to achieve the elements developed in the RFP for public stewardship of these natural areas and parks. As such, their proposal was evaluated by the voluntary Evaluation Committee and the Natural Areas & Parks Citizen Advisory Board.

3.  What is the goal of the plan update?

The general scope of work includes significant GIS mapping/data development at the resource management unit level and development of management timelines for these properties including but not limited to: commercial harvest of conifers, conifer stand enhancement, oak woodland release, wildfire resistance, carbon sequestration, enhanced forest resiliency, sensitive areas protection, and recreational development.