Helpful Information for Rental Groups

Facility Inside View

Things to Know

Inside Area                                                   

  •   Assembly (Main) Room  =  2,000 square feet                    
  •   Classroom                        =  300 square feet                    
  •   Caterer’s Area                  =  200 square feet
  •   Outside Deck (north)      =  648 square feet (36’ x 18’)

What Comes With Rental

  • Tables                        = 14 (8' long/30x96” rectangular tables)
  • Tables                        = 12 (60” round tables)
  • Chairs                        = 80 (stackable)
  • Classroom Tables    = 3 tables (24”x96”)
  • Classroom Chairs    =18 (stackable)

Furniture is not to be removed from the building.  Upon completion of an event, all furniture is to be returned to the designated storage area.

Garbage Cans

  • Assembly Room  =   2 (12 gal.)
  • Caterer’s Room   =   1 (33 gal.)
  • Classroom           =   1 (12 gal.)
  • Restroom             =   1 (12 gal.)

It is your responsibility to empty existing garbage sacks when full to outside dumpster near restrooms in parking area - the small key on key ring is used for access; and re-locking dumpster. Place 2 can liners in bottom of each garbage can.

It is renters responsibility to: TAKE ALL GARBAGE TO DUMPSTER AFTER EVENT

Miscellaneous Items

  • 10-foot Ladder 
  • Fire Extinguishers  – 5 extinguishers, located at each door to outside
  • Projection Screens – 1 wall-mount screen (70”x70”) located in Classroom
  • Projection Screen   - 1 wall-mount screen located in main Assembly Room, can be hung on brackets on either northeast or southeast wall of main assembly room.
  • No other audio/visual equipment available
  • Refrigerator - commercial, stainless steel/double doors, located in Caterer’s area (no freezer unit available)
  • No - stove/oven, microwave or coffee maker available.    
  • Available Outlets - Outlets for inside main hall
    • 14 duplex outlets - 4-6 of the outlets are linked to the same circuit (but we don’t know which ones are linked)
    • Each circuit is 20 amps max wattage is 1,000. Use of power strips is recommended.
  • Cleaning Supplies Provided -  in storage room cleaning closet supplies includes vacuum, mop and bucket, large push broom, window cleaner and spray cleaner, rags, and paper towels.

Breaker Box

  • located in Mechanical Room – access via keypad/lock box (if needed follow these instructions: Dial 541-766-6911 this is Police Dispatch Non-Emergency Number they will contact the on call Park Employee to return your call.  The return call will be made to the facilities phones located in the classroom or kitchen area.  You will then be given the keypad/ lock box access number for Mechanical Room)

Thermostat/Heat Operation

  •  3 thermostats/zones: Caterer’s Area; Assembly Room; & Classroom. Instruction signs are located by each thermostat
  •  allow 2-3 hrs for facility to warm-up


  •  Opening and Closing Large Sliding Doors, signage instructions are located at facility
  •  Securing Facility -Close and lock all windows and doors
  •  turn off lights
  •  turn down thermostat to 60 degree. 

Things Not Allowed

  • No Access - to Mezzanine/Balcony for any purpose.
    •  Nails, Tack or Staples
    •  Candles or Open Flames of any kind