Rocking of Fitton Green Access Road

Project Type:
Capital Project
Project Status: 

Project Overview:

Providing safe year round access from Cardwell Hill Rd to Fitton Green Natural Area through the existing Emergency Access Fire Road.  The current road that runs north/south, is only rocked for a portion from Fitton Green Natural Area (Panorama Road entrance) to the Cardwell Hill Road/Trail on the north end of Fitton Green- see Map below.  

The road rocking work will benefits the hundreds of homeowners that live within the forested areas near Fitton Green Natural Area, by providing year-round improved safety escape route in the event of an emergency such as wildfire. In addition, rocking the entire Cardwell Hill Road to Panorama Evacuation Route road, will allow for improved recreation opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.  

Project Schedule:

The project will be completed in partnership with Benton County Public Works- Road Crew, as part of their high volume work schedule Summer 2020.  Due to numerous high priority road projects, exact dates for rocking the entire Cardwell Hill Road to Panorama Evacuation Route, will be completed as scheduling and resources allow. 

Expect intermittent daily closures the last two weeks of August (17th-31st), and into the first week of September.