Fact Sheets and other Information

Link to the National Weather Service website for Fire Weather


Information on Pet Evacuation and Pet Friendly Emergency Shelters


Oregon Veterinary Medical Association




There are other publications linked at the bottom of this page. Please take a look at those as well.

Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes, https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/pnw590

Fire-resistant landscape plants for the Willamette Valley: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/sites/catalog/files/project/su...

Fire-resistant plants for screens in SW Oregon: https://www.co.josephine.or.us/Files/Fire-Resistant%20Shrubs%20and%20Tre...

Reducing Fire Risk on Your Forest Property, A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication: https://knowyourforest.org/sites/default/files/documents/Reducing_Fire_R...

Keeping Your Home and Property Safe from Wildfire: A Defensible Space and Fuel Reduction Guide for Homeowners and Landowners: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/em9184   

Protect Your Property From Wildfire, Pacific Northwest Edition, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety

Reducing Hazardous Fuels on Woodland Property: Disposing of Woody Material: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec1574  

Reducing Hazardous Fuels on Woodland Property: Pruning: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec1576

Reducing Hazardous Fuels on Woodland Property: Thinning: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec1573

Roofing materials: https://www.nfpa.org/-/media/Files/Firewise/Fact-sheets/FirewiseFactShee... (webinar correction: there is no class F roof classification with respect to fire resistance)

Other Factsheets on building materials, https://www.nfpa.org/Public-Education/Fire-causes-and-risks/Wildfire/Fir...

Other Links

Fire Adapted Communities and Ready, Set, Go! webinar on the OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeBjJplE8rAroG3bI0WZNFQ

Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Fire Program, https://extension.oregonstate.edu/fire-program

Oregon Department of Forestry, Find a Stewardship Forester, https://www.oregon.gov/odf/Working/Pages/FindAForester.aspx

Oregon Department of Forestry, Locate a Local Office, https://www.oregon.gov/odf/AboutODF/Pages/MapOffices.aspx

Partnership for Forestry Education, Know Your Forest, https://www.knowyourforest.org/

National Fire Protection Association, Firewise, https://www.nfpa.org/Public-Education/Fire-causes-and-risks/Wildfire/Fir...