Community Emergency Plans

Emergency services personnel

One of the roles of the Emergency Management Division of the Sheriff's Office is to develop plans that guide our community in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters.

The disasters that could impact our community are varied and range from natural disasters such as earthquakes and wild fires, to human-caused threats.

Why Plans Are Important

Disasters are, by their nature, chaotic and unpredictable. That makes planning for them challenging. While no plan can anticipate all situations or provide for a perfect response, having a plan that clarifies responsibilities and provides a framework for actions is critical.

When a disaster strikes, the various groups that will be responding - whether government, business, or community organizations - need to know their roles. Advanced planning and training can help. We don't want organizations duplicating efforts or getting in each others' way.

Developing and maintaining emergency plans also has an economic impact on the county. In Oregon, all jurisdictions that receive preparedness funds must be compliant in the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This must be documented in our emergency plans. In order to be eligible to apply for certain grant funds, or to receive federal reimbursement after a disaster, our plans must meet FEMA standards.

Understanding Your Role

Community emergency plans focus on what the community needs to do to maintain public safety, to help the extremely vulnerable, and to get infrastructure back on line. Government resources will be focused  on these priorities.

In a major disaster, resources may not be readily available to most community members. That's why you're encouraged to make a personal or family plan. Information to help you prepare is available. Click here to learn more: Learn How To Be Prepared.

Benton County Plans

Federal and State mandates require that we develop emergency plans. Our Emergency Management Division maintains the following community emergency plans:

Additionally, we maintain a Search and Rescue (SAR) Plan that guides our SAR activities.

For More Information

For more information, contact the Benton County Sheriff's Office Emergency Management Division.