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County Strategic Goals

  • Benton County is a leader, convener and collaborator for a safe healthy and engaged community
  • Benton County is an effective, proactive and innovative community utilizing available talent
  • Benton County anticipates and responds to the changing needs of the community
  • Benton County strives for excellence in service utilizing available resources

Department Goals

  • Customer Service : The Department shall provide timely effective service to all customers, internally and externally, whether that be answering a question, resolving an issue, or setting a necessary public meeting by ensuring all customers are reached and attempts are made at engaging them in the solutions.
  • Professional Growth and Succession : The Department will strive to provide opportunities (through conferences, seminars, onsite cross training, mentorship, apprenticeship, and/or continuing education) to all staff to allow each employee at all levels to have the potential to grow as a professional as well as have the chance at future job opportunities within the organization.
  • Global Vision : The Department will consider all parties and resources that are affected by the work we do including, but not limited to Health, Emergency Management (Police and Fire), Transit, Bicycle/Pedestrian, Seniors and Disabled, Schools, Tourism, Other Governments, Other Companies, and Logging and Farming Industry as well as the concepts of Livability, Sustainability, Equitability, Mobility, Quality of Life, Safety, Accessibility, Vitality, Land Use, and Stewardship
  • Schedule and Budget : The Department uses its resources (funds, equipment, and employees) efficiently and effectively by being under budget and on time/within schedule.

Below in Supporting Documents are some Public Works informational brochures.