99 Express

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99 Express
What is the 99 Express service?
►The 99 Express is a commuter bus service between Corvallis, Lewisburg, and Adair Villlage.
Where does the 99 Express bus go and when will it arrive?
►Click here for the 99 Express Schedule. 
What days does the 99 Express operate?
►The 99 Express operates Monday through Friday!
Does the 99 Express operate on holidays?
►The 99 Express does not operate on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.
How much does a trip on the 99 Express cost?
►The 99 Express is fareless and does not cost money for the passenger. 
Are there any trip planners or interactive maps for the Coast to Valley Express that can help me plan my trip?
►Click here to view our interactive map, which shows you when the next bus will arrive. 
►Click here to check out our trip planner provided through our partnership with the NW Connector.
►You can also find our 99 Express service on the Transit App, which can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet.
What are the rules for passengers on the 99 Express? Can I take my animal or my bike onto the bus?
►Benton Area Transit has a set of ridership policies in place that go cover which animals and objects are allowed on our buses. The most current version of this document can be found by clicking here. 
How many people ride the 99 Express?
►You can check out our ridership statistics for all of Benton Area Transit's services by clicking here. 
If I have more questions, who should I ask?
►For more information about this service, please call Benton Area Transit at 541-766-6700
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