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Benton County Transit provides fixed-route service and demand-response services throughout Benton County.


Fixed-Route Service: 

The 99 Express Service connects the City of Adair Village with the City of Corvallis. Service is provided Monday through Friday.

The Coast To Valley Express Service connects the City of Corvallis to Albany, the City of Newport and the Oregon coast. This service is jointly operated with Lincoln County Transit. Service is provided seven days per week.


Regional Transportation:

The Linn-Benton Loop service connects Linn-Benton Community College; the Albany Amtrak Station; the Hewlitt-Packard (HP) campus; Samaritan Health Services; the Corvallis Transit Center; and Oregon State University. Service is provided Monday through Saturday.

The Northwest Connector Network is a major regional public transit network that connects the Willamette Valley to multiple locations on the central to northern Oregon coast.  The Northwest Oregon Transportation Alliance (NWOTA), of which Benton County is a member, manages the NW Connector and is made up of five transit providers (Benton County, Lincoln County, Columbia County Rider, Tillamook County Transit District, and Sunset Empire Transit District). The Coast To Valley Express is Benton County’s “leg” of the Northwest Connector network.

Benton County Transit can connect people to the following Transportation providers:


Special Transportation:

The Special Transportation Fund (STF) program provides and promotes Benton County public transportation options for individuals 60 years of age or older; persons with disabilities of any age who cannot access fixed modes of public transportation such as Benton County Transit, Corvallis Transit System (CTS) routes or other personal transportation; as well as other under-served populations such as eligible individuals residing in or traveling to rural Benton County areas not served by Benton County Transit or CTS. You must be eligible to use Special Transportation Services. Click Here to visit the 'How to Ride!' page where you can apply for eligibility. 



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