Adopt-A-Road Program

Administrative Policy

Benton County recognizes that numerous individuals and organizations in the County would like to adopt-a-road for the purpose of maintaining the appearance of that particular road. It is the desire of the County to accommodate and cooperate with these individuals and organizations, and to recognize the groups for their efforts by erecting a sign at each end of the work area.

A permit to adopt a road is required by Benton County and must be obtained before any work begins on the road.  Applications are available at the County office and online. No fees are required for processing the application or issuing the permit.

All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and sign a Liability Release. If an applicant refuses to sign, the permit will be denied without further consideration. The applicant will be informed of the permit's acceptance or denial by the Benton County Public Works Department representative.

Safety gear in the form of vests and signs can be picked up at the front desk.

Adopt-a-Road Program Procedures

  • A blank permit application, as well as Benton County policies, procedures, and regulations, can be obtained in person from Benton County Public Works Department or downloaded from this website.
  • Applicant discusses location, details, etc. with the Public Works Director or his designee.
    • Name of road, particular section, and any special conditions.
  • Applicant returns the completed permit to Benton County Public Works Department for final review by:
    • Safety Officer
    • Public Works Director
  • Applicant is contacted by Benton County as to whether the permit is accepted or denied. Any changes and/or restrictions are reviewed with the applicant and a copy of the signed permit is given to applicant.

Adopt-a-Road Application

For further information, please contact Chris Baillie of Benton County Public Works at 541-766-6821.