Cascade View Service District

Monthly Water Rates


Below are the current rates and charges for the Cascade View County Service District water services.

Residential Rates:
Minimum $43.00 per month for first 1,000 cubic feet
$1.00 per 100 cubic feet between 1,001-1,500 cubic feet
$1.50 per 100 cubic feet between 1,501-2,000 cubic feet
$2.75 per 100 cubic feet over 2,000 cubic feet.

Future Rates: Beginning in June 2006, an automatic Annual Residential Minimum Rates increase will be determined using the CPI Index as a standard to calculate the rate increase rounded up to the nearest $.50 to take effective in July 2007, or an amount determined by the Cascade View Advisory Committee. This process will continue for all subsequent years.

Capital Improvement/Major Maintenance Fund: $5.00 per connection per month. This fund is intended to set up reserves for future capital expenditures and one-time major maintenance projects and repairs.

Penalty Charges

If the calendar year annual accumulative use, beginning January 1 of each year, exceeds the maximum average daily use, penalties for excess use will be imposed.

Penalties for Excess Water Use: First year penalty for violation of maximum annual usage:

Schedule A

  • Rate increases to $10.00 per 100 cubic feet of use over 500 gpd
  • If at the end of the first year penalty period, the customer has demonstrated a substantial effort in reducing their use (within 115% of maximum or less) then, the customer will remain in the first year penalty rate and granted one additional year to meet compliance for maximum use. Failure to achieve compliance in this extended penalty year will result in implementation of additional penalty phases as identified in (Schedule B):
  • If at the end of the first year penalty period the customer has failed to reach 115% or less of compliance, they will immediately be subject to additional penalty phases as outlined in (Schedule B):

Penalties for Excess Water Use: Second year penalty for violation of maximum annual usage:

Schedule B*

Penalty Phase I: The penalty fee for use over 2,000 cubic feet will double from $10.00 to $20.00 per 100 cubic feet

Penalty Phase II: Irrigation use will be restricted or terminated

Penalty Phase III: Flow restrictions will be placed on the domestic water service line.

*Any or all of these phases could be recommended for implementation by the Advisory Committee.

If the Customer achieves compliance for maximum use at the end of any of the penalty periods, the customer’s account will revert to the standard billing rate.

Exceptions: The District will allow a one-time yard establishment exception where the two highest months’ use will be substituted with a maximum use of 2,000 cubic feet for calculating annual usage for the exempted year. User will, however, pay for actual consumption during that time. Owners will be encouraged to establish lawn in early spring or fall.

Maximum Drawdown Response

In response to the Water Management Plan, the District will take the following actions in the event of excessive drawdowns to the aquifers of monitored wells:

- Yellow Warning: Well #4 exceeds 23-ft drawdown one week. Notify residents to go on an odd-even house number watering schedule for irrigation.

- Red Warning: Well #4 exceeds 25-ft drawdown two consecutive weeks. Notify residents that only hand watering of trees and shrubs permitted, no lawn watering allowed, no car washing, conscientious use of household water, and lawn watering on odd-even schedule resumed after two consecutive weeks of above 25-ft drawdown readings.

Additional Actions: During a "yellow" or "red" period, Well #1 will not be monitored, but it will not be pumped at more than 80% of its maximum rate (max=20 gpm) as established by the water plan.

Connection Charges

Service Meter Installation Charge: Charges for the cost of installing the meter, service line, fittings, etc. are hereby established at $300.00 for a 1 inch meter.

Deposit: A deposit of $86.00 shall be required for all customers who do not own the property being served. The deposit shall be refunded when the tenant discontinues service with the District. Interest shall be paid on the deposits at the rate of 0.375% per month (annual rate of $4.5%).

Turn On - Turn Off: A fee of $40.00 will be charged to turn on water during normal business hours. A fee of $40.00 will be charged to turn water off for a customer's convenience or for excessive use penalty or installation of flow restrictor during normal business hours, except for emergency shutoffs or installation of a customer valve. When there is an after-hours call-out, the fee will be at actual cost for a minimum of 3 hours.

Late Payment Fee : A fee of $15.00 will be charged at the time of Notice of Shut off when payment is not received (approximately 45 days from original billing)..

Fee for Tampering: A fee of $100.00 in addition to the cost of repairs will be charged in accordance with the Ordinance when locks or seals have been tampered with or the system has been turned on by an unauthorized person.

Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Agendas and Minutes