No-Spray Program

The Annual Roadside Shoulder Spraying Program

Every April, the Benton County Public Works Department begins its Annual Roadside Shoulder Spraying Program to control weeds along county roads (weather permitting). Roads are sprayed 2-4 feet from the edge of the road in order to control encroachment of plant growth on the asphalt surface.  Spraying of noxious weeds and roadside vegetation, including blackberries, is done throughout the year, and extends to the far side of any ditching.  For homeowners who do not want chemical sprays adjacent to their property, and who are willing to assume responsibility for controlling weeds along the roadway, a No-Spray Agreement may be entered into with the County. 

The No-Spray Agreement

As a property owner/resident, you may elect to enter into an annual agreement with Benton County whereby the County will not spray herbicides along the roadway, nor along the ditchline in front of your property.  In exchange, you agree to be responsible for vegetation control on your property frontage.  Please read the No-Spray Letter, complete the Vegetation Control Permit form (PDF), Vegetation Control Liability Release form (PDF) and return them to the County by March 1st via mail or email.   Permits must be renewed annually.

Return the completed agreement via email or mail to the following address:

Benton County Public Works
360 SW Avery Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333-1192  

No-Spray Signage

No-Spray Signs must be posted by March 15th.  See the sign placement diagram example (PDF).

You may notify us by phone at 541-766-6012 or email  if you no longer wish to participate.

If you are interested in a modified spray program; (for example: spraying for noxious weeds but not roadside grasses) please call our office at 541-766-6012.

Noxious Weeds

Please review the informational sheet listing some of the most common noxious weeds in Benton County. Your assistance in managing noxious weeds plays an important role towards environmental stewardship.