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Construction Projects for 2023

Chapel Drive Bikeway Improvements
The existing roadway on Chapel Drive from 19th Street to Bellfountain Road will be widened to add 6 foot bike lanes on both sides of the road.  A tabletop intersection will be added at 19th Street and Chapel Drive.  Medians with turn pockets will extend to the public school entrance to provide a visible transition for traffic calming as they enter Philomath. This project is complete and in warranty. Last Updated November 2, 2023.

Springhill Drive Full Depth Reclamation                                                                                                                      Knife River has been awarded the contract to fix the failing asphalt along Springhill Drive between Scenic Drive and Buena Vista Road. This project is complete and in warranty. Last Updated November 2, 2023.

Fern Road Slide Repair
During the winter of 2022, the road crew noticed that a slide area on Fern Road was getting worse and the shoulder was in jeopardy of separating from the rest of the road. The County contracted with Foundation Engineering, Inc. to investigate and determine the best path forward to address the failure. This emergency repair will be completed in October and November by Knife River Corporation. Last Updated November 2, 2023.

Projects in Progress

SW West Hills Road Corridor Plan 
The project is located on SW West Hills Road from SW 53rd Street to Western Boulevard.  This section of West Hills Road is currently owned and maintained by Benton County but is anticipated to be improved and transferred to the City of Corvallis at some point in the future. Neither the County nor City have secured funding for construction. West Hills Road has some unique constraints that challenge installation of standard road improvements; therefore, the City and County are partnering to identify what the future urban section will look like as development occurs along the corridor. The next Public Open House has been scheduled! It will be Tuesday, November 14, from 5:00-7:00 pm in the Auditorium at the Fairgrounds (NOTE: New Location!), 110 SW 53rd Street. Please enter the Fairgrounds off of SW 53rd Street for parking. There will be no formal presentation, so drop by anytime to view exhibits and speak with the project team. If you can't make it, the information will be posted on the project website as soon as it is available. Last Updated November 8, 2023.

Corvallis-Albany Path: Scenic to Springhill (North Albany Connection)  
The North Albany segment of the Corvallis-Albany Path is well underway.  The County has a 90% design and the consultants are  appraising property and putting together information for right-of-way acquisition. This project has been re-started and survey work is being completed along Rainwater Lane. A neighborhood meeting for the project is anticipated in January of 2024 to review the findings. Last Updated September 15, 2023.

Corvallis-Albany Path: Pilkington to Merloy
The County is working closely with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) while they move forward with design of the Highway 20W Safety Improvement Projects to ensure the vision for the Corvallis-Albany Path can be realized.  The County has hired David Evans and Associates to provide preliminary design services and right-of-way acquisition assistance. The County was awarded a Community Paths Grant in 2021 for construction of this segment. The County is currently working on appraisals and easement acquisition. Construction is slated for 2024.  Last Updated March 3, 2023.

Dodge Island Road Bridge Replacement                                                                                                                    The Dodge Island Bridge, built in 1963, is a 4-span timber bridge that needs to be replaced due to decay. The bridge provides sole access to a rural neighborhood and agricultural resource land. The County has contracted with Consor (an Engineering consulting firm) to provide design services. Environmental studies and design will occur through 2024, with construction anticipated in 2025.

Hayden Road Bridge                                                                                                                                               The Hayden Road Covered Bridge, built in 1918, is a 4-span timber covered bridge located over the Alsea River. It is categorized as a small bridge and structurally deficient. The bridge provides sole access to a rural neighborhood and timber resource land. Currently, the 12 ton weight limit prohibits use by logging trucks, school buses, garbage trucks and most emergency vehicles. Environmental studies and design will occur through 2025 with construction anticipated in 2026.

53rd Street RR Overpass
This project is currently on hold.  Last Updated June 9, 2021