Benton County Transportation System Plan (TSP)

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A grant has been obtained to update the County's Transportation System Plan.  This planning document is required by the State and should be updated approximately every 20 years.  Typically, a consultant is used to complete a majority of the update; however, staff has a lot of input and the Roads Advisory Committee (RAC) will be instrumental in the update.


The Transportation System Plan (TSP) contains the following :

- 20 Year Transportation Vision and Goals

- Roadway Plan

- Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

- Public Transportation Plan

- Air,Rail, and Pipeline Plan

- Strategies on project funding, priorities, and timing

The plan looks at existing and future conditions and lists possible projects. This plan will reference the City of Albany, Corvallis, and Philomath's TSPs. This plan will also have an appendix for the City of Adair Village and Monroe.

Grant Amount : Approx. $200,000

Funding : TGM (Transportation Growth Management) Grant

Consultant : DKS Associates

Check out the existing Transportation System Plan (TSP) here.

For more information about the project, those interested can contact County Engineer Laurel Byer at 541-766-6821 or by email at

Status Updates

Last Updated : September 22,2017

Consultant working on existing conditions of system

Next committee slated for early December

1st Combined Stakehiolder/technical Committee was held

New website being created.

Technical and Stakeholder Committees being formed.

Kickoff meeting occurred May 23, 2017.

DKS Associates has been selected as the consultant.

Be on the lookout for how to get involved.

We will be seeking stakeholders to advise us in a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

We also will be holding public meetings later this year to obtain citizen input.