Robinhood Lane/Meadow Wood Dr/Grandview Dr/Squire Place/13th/53rd/Etc. Resurfacing

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Robinhood / Meadow Wood / Grandview / Squire Pl /13th /53rd / Etc
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Monday, February 29, 2016
Robinhood Albany, OR

Roads are now being transferred to City jurisdiction.


Rest of project was completed in 2017.

Through cooperation with the City of Albany, Robinhood Ln, Meadow Wood Dr,  Grandview Dr and Squire Pl will receive surface improvements to allow the County to transfer ownership and maintenance of these roadways to the City of Albany.

In summer 2017, we will also be resurfacing 13th Street in Philomath, the 53rd Street railroad underpass, and the Hammer Creek bridge on Bellfountain Road as well as the new Muddy Creek bridge on Alpine Road.

Bellfountain Bridge to be repaved week of September 24.

53rd Street and 13th Street to be paved Week of July 23

Anticipated cost : $137,000 for Robin Hood Lane

Funding : Motor fuel tax funds

Contractor : North Santiam Paving

Project Manager : Owen Millehrer, Engineer Associate at Benton County.  Phone 541-766-6821 or at

Robin Hood Lane
Robin Hood Lane
Robin Hood Lane
13th Street
13th Street
53rd Street
53rd Street
Status Updates

Last Updated : September 8, 2017

- North Albany roads set for transfer to Albany at County on September 19 and October 3

- First roads to be paved week of July 24 - 53rd and 13th Street.

- Preconstruction meeting occurred week of July 14

- Bidding will occur in March

- 53rd Underpass, 13th Street in Philomath, Hammer Creek bridge on Bellfountain Road and Muddy Creek bridge on Alpine road have been added to project


- Meadowwood, Grandview, and Squire will have work completed in 2017.

9/12/16 - Robin Hood complete.

- Project awarded to Santiam Paving

5/11/16 - County Crews widened Robinhood Lane on Monday May 16th. 

Meadow Wood will have waterline work performed by a contractor for the City of Albany during the summer of 2016. 

Chip Seals surface treatments will be placed on Meadow Wood, Grand View and the entrance to Robinhood in 2017.