Starr Creek Road Extension

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Under Construction
Starr Creek Road Extension
Starr Creek Road
Monroe, OR

This project has been considered since completion of Benton County's Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  At first, the project was conceived as a County project only until funding was found by partnering with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to make an emergency route connection between Starr Creek Road and Hells Canyon Road (both of which are currently dead ends).

This project will re-establish a mile long section of roadway between Starr Creek Road and Hells Canyon Road. The roadway will provide secondary emergency access and egress for  25 homes on Starr Creek Road and 28 homes on the Hells Canyon Road network that currently only have one way in and out.  This roadway is currently gated on both ends and this project proposes to retain gates near these locations.

The County owns Right Of Way (ROW) through land owned by five (5) private property owners and the Bureau of Land Management.  The County is working with these landowners and BLM to realign this ROW to the existing roadway and to better fit the topography and limit impacts to riparian areas.

Anticipated Cost : $400,000

Funding : Motor Fuel Tax, Title II BLM Funds

For more information about the project, those interested can contact Engineer Associate Andrew Monaco at 541-766-6821 or by email at


Status Updates

Work is scheduled to begin starting July 25th. 

Initial work will be brushing and clearing the first half (Starr Creek end) of the proposed roadway on select parcels, installation of a large culvert at the stream crossing and beginning earth moving operations.  Earth work will be contained to roadways and adjacent properties and should not result in hauling out on Starr Creek Road.