Starr Creek Road Extension

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Under Design
Starr Creek Road Extension
Starr Creek Road
Monroe, OR

This project has been considered since completion of the CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan). At first, the project was conceived as a County project only until funding was found by partnering with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to make a emergency route connection of Starr Creek Road (which is currently a dead end).

Anticipated Cost : $100,000

Funding : Motor Fuel Tax, Title II BLM Funds

For more information about the project, those interested can contact Engineer Associate Andrew Monaco at 541-766-6821 or by email at

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

1. Who is impacted by this project? This project extends a roadway through land owned by five (5) private property owners and the Bureau of Land Management. 

2. How is the County reaching out? County staff has systematically been meeting with property owners and BLM face to face when possible, by letter when necessary.

3. What is Title II funding and can it be used elsewhere? This funding can only be used for roads that travel through BLM owned lands.

4. Why are you impacting private property owner's land? This area is heavily forested and property owners have no safe way to get out due to Starr Creek and Hells canyon being dead end roads. This connection creates a loop giving residents two ways of access out to safety in the event of a forest fire.

Status Updates

9-22-17 - Design is complete. Working with BLM to finalize project for summer 2018 construction.

6-7-16 - Project has been delayed. Construction is anticipated in 2018.