Non-Civil Officiants

Below is a list of local contacts who perform non-civil marriage ceremonies.

Non-Civil Marriage Ceremony Officiants

Dale Donovan Corvallis 541-829-1981
Beatrice Rose Monroe 541-424-5443
Lonnette Hess Blodgett 541-456-2881
Cynthia Wells Philomath 541-929-4361
Susan Sanford Corvallis 541-521-7416
Kara H. Daley Corvallis 541-738-2445
Carolyn Schechtman Corvallis 971-218-6798
Debbie Maynard Monroe 541-231-7053
Sonjia Gretz Corvallis


Lisa Neves Kings Valley - Philomath 503-351-0163
Michelle Bouvia-Emeott Monroe 541-979-0402
Jessica Meyer Lebanon 541-971-6824
Teresa Moser Albany 541-971-1977
Pansy Kemp Corvallis 541-619-6258
Mathew Phelps Philomath 541-929-4764
Linda Gumm Corvallis 541-243-4032
Justin E. Kidd* Salem 503-576-7200


Oficiantes de la Ceremonia de Matrimonio No Civil - En Español Solamente

(Non-Civil Marriage Ceremony Officiants - For Spanish Only Ceremonies)

Cecilia Mihaylo Albany 541-730-0087
Justin E. Kidd* Salem 503-576-7200

 *Asterisk indicates a Civil Officiant on this list.

Disclaimer: The persons listed above are not affiliated with the Benton County Clerk's office, their information is being provided at their request, to assist persons searching for someone to perform a marriage ceremony.

The fees charged and the ceremony performed by each, may vary greatly. Due to the limited nature of the information the officiants have provided to us, we are not able to answer questions regarding their affiliations, fees, et cetera.

The County Clerk's office encourages prospective couples to inquire and check the references of non-civil marriage officiants, prior to scheduling a ceremony.