Ordering Copies

Ordering Certified & Non-Certified Copies

Certified Copies ($3.75+$0.25/page) and Non-Certified copies ($0.25/page), must be prepaid with a credit or debit card (2.49% convenience fee) over the phone before copies can be mailed ($3), emailed or picked up in-person.  Please Note: Certified Copies can NOT be sent via email or fax.

To avoid search fees, you will need to provide us with the document microfilm number (M number), Marriage Application number or book and page number to order copies. If you do not know this number you will need to come to our office to search the indexes by year and name or you may wish to contact a title company for help or you can search the recording index online. If you want us to look up a document for you, there are fees involved ($3.75/query). See fees below for additional explanation.

To order over the phone use: (541) 766-6831

For requests sent via mail, please remember to add $3 to the payment or provide a postage paid self-addressed return envelope with your written request and check payment for the return of the copies you have requested.

Please use the mailing address below:

Benton County Records & Licenses
4500 SW Research Way, 2nd Floor
Corvallis, OR 97333

Associated Fees

There is a charge for copies.

Staff-made: $4.00 for first page, $.25 for each additional page of that document.

Customer-made on our copier: $ .25 per page

Credit and Debit Card payment:  2.49% convenience fee applied

Searches: $ 3.75 per name, if the scope of the search requested too large you will be asked to contact a title company or make other arrangements to have the search performed. Please note: Any search that takes longer than 15 minutes will be assessed a $40 per hour staff time cost assessed in 15 minute ($10) increments.

Certification (for certified copies): $3.75 per document copy.

Mail, e-mail, FTP, save to storage media: $3.00 per transmission. We recommend that you provide us a self-addressed envelope with postage for return to eliminate this fee and reduce your expense.