Welcome to Your Benton County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Scott Jackson

This website is designed to share with you the many ways the Benton County Sheriff's Office is actively enhancing community livability.


Daily Activity. The Benton County Sheriff's Office responds to numerous incidents each day. Read about some of them in our "Daily Activity Log." This log does not reflect all Sheriff's Office activities. It is updated as time and personnel allow. Read more.

Sheriff's Office 2017-2018 Report Available. As staffing is available, the Benton County Sheriff's Office reports our activities to the community in an Annual Report. This year we have combined our 2017 and 2018 activity in one report. A printed version is being distributed throughout the County and an on-line version is available through this website. Read more.

Criminal Justice System Assessment Final Report. The Final Report of the Benton County Criminal Justice System Assessment project is complete and available for community review. Read more.

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